Telegram could become paid for those who do not want to see advertising

Telegram will not become paid for everyone but only for those who want to avoid advertising that in the next period will also be introduced on the messaging system among the most used in the world. The already announced idea of ​​Pavel Durov, founder of the Telegram platform, is to allow those who want to use Telegram in a completely ” clean ” way without therefore any kind of advertising. For this there will be the ” Premium ” version which will clearly be paid and which will however allow you to have advantages in using the app.

Channel authors will be able to disable official advertisements in their channels for all users. Some channel creators would also like to “disable” ads in their channels. At the moment, as stated by the founder himself, Telegram is calculating the economic conditions for this option. Advertisers will soon be able to place an “invisible” ad in any channel that will not generate ads in that channel.

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