Black Friday is increasingly awaited, but this year the discounts are not as in the past (due to the covid crisis)

There are two days to black friday

But now the more the years go by, the more anticipated black friday is, as if it were a ritual or a unique event.
I still remember before 2016 when black friday was practically unknown outside the united states, while today everyone knows what it is, even if probably few know its meaning and that is the Friday after the last Thursday of the month which would be the Thanksgiving Day.
When I was a boy, Christmas decorations began at the beginning of December or even after the immaculate … nowadays someone even dares to display decorations and at the end of October, and for me this is an absurd thing.

This year, however, I do not see particular offers, especially on the alien world of amazon, where in recent years there were unattainable prices for other shops, so much so as to send entire local economies of various nations into crisis.
This is mainly due to the fact that this year there is a crisis in finding semiconductors due in turn to the unavailability of Silicon. All this has repercussions in the technology sector, but also on other sectors such as cars or toys.
So If you want to shop with blackfriday super discounts, think carefull!

One thought on “Black Friday is increasingly awaited, but this year the discounts are not as in the past (due to the covid crisis)

  1. Black Friday was an opportunity to get rid of overproduction and overstock. Now there isn’t such thing since most business were already having water up to their lips and were selling off at minimum margins just in order to survive. The world has changed: for the better or the worse, only future can tell. It for sure has moved a lot of business online. The stocks of most companies got wheels, wings, or a keel.

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