The ” virtual ” real estate market has already exploded in the Metaverse

Meta is the new name of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. That same company born as Facebook but which in fact has seen its shape and services change over the years. The metaverse, that is, that virtual world where everyone (or almost everyone) will most likely move, in a completely ephemeral and virtual way, in the next few years and which today is experiencing its growth boom.

And if we talk about transfers, it is clear that even in the metaverse it is not possible to do without buying a property, even if this can also be virtual. There are already many people and many users who have started to buy, and also at a high price, spaces and digital constructions in the metaverse.

It is a rather strange phenomenon and difficult to frame for those unfamiliar with the metaverse or in any case with the virtual and digital world. In fact, the real estate market in the metaverse also passes through cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Yes, because whatever virtual or digital space you want to buy in the metaverse, you buy it through NFT, that is, through a certificate that allows you to guarantee its authenticity and therefore also its ownership. Payment is made through virtual currencies that have been so fashionable for some years and whoever takes possession of a virtual “ land ” can keep it to resell it later in the future at a higher price or maybe even can already use it to create virtual events or build anything on it.

What might seem strange to the less accustomed to this world is the fact that the purchase of virtual land in the metaverse is already moving thousands of euros or dollars by companies or individuals who spend them to buy small pieces of digital land. Will they make money in the future? Will they lose money? At the moment it is not possible to quantify it because the metaverse has not yet fully started. A phenomenon that Facebook (or Meta to put it better) intends to implement in the coming years making it the new Second Life or even a real-life GTA Online.

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