NFT, Twitter opens to digital works as a profile photo

While Meta is considering introducing the ability to use NFTs as profile images in Facebook and Instagram, there is another popular social network that has already started doing so. Twitter announced it at the end of last week, explaining what the novelty consists of: the profile photos in NFT format will be marked with a hexagonal shape; to use an NFT as a profile photo, users will need to associate the crypto wallet with their Twitter account. An example is the current Twitter Blue official profile picture. A click on it opens the information on the NFT …

… including the collection to which it belongs, the person who carried out the verification, the edition of the NFT and the legitimate owner.

Twitter explains in the following terms the reasons that prompted the Twitter managers to introduce the novelty:

This new feature offers Twitter users around the world an easy and intuitive way to verify ownership of the NFT by allowing them to directly link their crypto wallets to Twitter and to select an NFT from their collection as a new profile picture. We'll be monitoring people's feeds on Twitter Blue Labs and sharing more updates as we get them.

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