Spotify removes Neil Young’s music tracks after a controversy by the artist controversy with no-vax

Spotify ditched Neil Young’s music after the singer’s refusal to come to milder advice about his objection to being on the same platform as Joe Rogan’s podcast, a no-vax commentator. The “Wall Street Journal” writes it today, confirmed by the “Hollywood Reporter”. Young had written an open letter in the past few days threatening to remove all of his songs from Spotify – an action that would have resulted in a deadweight loss of 60% of his streaming proceeds for him – if Rogan had continued to have citizenship rights on the platform. : “They can have Young or Rogan, not both of them.” The “Heart of Gold” singer posted the letter on his website and after two days he removed it. Despite this, Spotify has begun to remove Young’s songs from the site, a spokesperson told the “Hollywood Reporter”. Spotify entered into an over $ 100 million deal two years ago to get the Rogan podcast exclusive. “We want all the music and audio content in the world to be available to our customers. With that comes the great responsibility of balancing the safety of listeners and the freedom of creators,” said a Spotify spokesperson hoping that Young “will be back soon in between. we”.

11 thoughts on “Spotify removes Neil Young’s music tracks after a controversy by the artist controversy with no-vax

  1. I’m in the process of switching away from Spotify. Balancing the freedom of creators and the safety of listeners. I think listening to Neil Young is a lot safer than following the advice of a crackpot podcast.

  2. He doesn’t even own a portion (if any) of of his catalog anymore. When differences of opinion or alternatives views can’t even be considered then we are done as a society. I find it hilarious that those who built their fortune “fighting the man” are now government shills – much like Howard Stern.

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