It started February

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.
(Pietro Aretino)

February is the month of love:
everyone hugs
everyone giggles,
everyone kisses,
everyone cuddles
and everyone wins.

“Originally the month of February was 29 days; in the year 8 BC August decided to change the name of the month called Sextilis and to transform it into August, as its name. Augustus, however, unable to admit that his month was a month in the middle of the month of July, called it by the name of Julius Caesar, and added a month in the month that portrays the name of his month in the month of February in Persia, so, its twenty-ninth day. ” Furthermore, in the Roman calendar the month of February was the last month of the year. Indeed, as it is logical that … the month that corrects (with leap years) the solar calendar should be the last.

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