WhatsApp will finally allow you to send 2GB files (2 years after Telegram)!

In the beta version WhatsApp has introduced full support for the features of the latest version of the Apple operating system, released to the public about six months ago. In this period the company has introduced some of the innovations launched with iOS 15, such as the photo of some profiles in the app notifications and the Full Immersion mode. With full support of iOS 15, however, some parts of the UI change, becoming more consistent with the rest of the operating system.
WhatsApp, the limit for file sharing is increasing from 100MB to 2GB

The same source (the prolific WABetaInfo) also reported an even more interesting novelty: the ability to send files up to 2 GB in size. This feature has been spotted by the source on clients in Argentina, where a limited test is currently underway to a few select users who can share media files up to 2GB. Currently, the sharing limit for media files on WhatsApp is 100 MB, a much more restrictive threshold.

Threshold that becomes even more restrictive if we consider that WhatsApp’s direct competitor, Telegram, has already been allowing files of up to 2GB to be shared for about two years. As usual, however, the source warns that the selected test means everything and nothing: on the one hand WhatsApp is interested in aligning itself with the competition, on the other hand, however, the company could decide – following the test results – to cancel the changes and do not implement them on the final client.

Among the other news coming to WhatsApp we have the Reactions, which will allow you to reply to a message through a sort of icon that depicts an emotion, or the Multi-device Compatibility 2.0, which will allow you to use the same WhatsApp account on two different phones and, remaining at Apple, it could enable the possibility of seeing a WhatsApp app also for the various iPad models.

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