The US government places Kaspersky on the cybersecurity blacklist

In recent days, the Federal Communications Commission has decided to include the Russian security company Kaspersky within the same “entity list” that has hosted Huawei and ZTE since last year. According to the FCC, Kaspersky security products pose a national security risk and therefore will no longer be eligible for federal funds. In addition to Kaspersky, which has long since been banned from all US government networks, China Mobile and China Telecom have also been added to the list of unwelcome companies. “Kaspersky is disappointed with the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to ban the use of certain federal telecommunications subsidies for the purchase of Kaspersky products and services. This decision is not based on any technical assessment of Kaspersky products that the company continually supports. , but it is taken on a political basis, “said the Russian security company. “I am pleased that our national security agencies agreed with my assessment that China Mobile and China Telecom appeared to meet the threshold needed to be added to our list. Their addition, as well as that of Kapsersky Labs, will help protect our networks from threats posed by state-backed Chinese and Russian entities seeking to engage in espionage and otherwise harm America’s interests, “FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said. In this way, Kaspersky earns the double distinction of being the first Russian company and the first company specialized in cyber security to enter the US entity list. Recall that the companies on this list represent, according to the US, a threat to national security and therefore are excluded from the possibility of receiving funds among the 8 billion dollars available every year in the Universal Service Fund program of the Federal Communications Commission, which goes to support telecommunication services in rural areas or for the low-income population or even for institutions such as schools, libraries and hospitals. The move by the FCC comes within the context of the consequences triggered by the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Company founder Eugene Kaspersky has long been accused of having ties to the Russian military and intelligence, although he has repeatedly stated that his company is completely independent of the government. A couple of weeks ago the German Federal Office for Cybersecurity advised companies in the country not to use Kaspersky products as the company could be forced to put its products at the service of Russian intelligence.


5 thoughts on “The US government places Kaspersky on the cybersecurity blacklist

  1. Kaspersky is, like all the other anti-virus thingies, pure and unadultered snake oil. But security risk for America? Fuk, that’s petty, even for US standards.

    1. snake oil? I’ve already heard this definition: it was used (if I’m not mistaken) to define linux to make it clear that it ran much more than other operating systems

      1. Snake Oil was used in the Wild West by conmen to sell tinctures and drinks – whch didn’t work at all – to gullible farmers. Those crooks often ended at ad-hoc gallows. 😮

        People who know the antivirus business well see the various antiviruses in kinda the same realm of fraudulent bizniz.

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