The materials do not arrive at SEVEL in Val di Sangro

With the covid there was a significant reduction in raw materials, due to both the reduction in availability and the increase in cost. Now with the war in Ukraine, things are further complicated: Russia is one of the richest passes in raw materials, especially metal materials. A small local example is the interruption of production in Abruzzo.

Three more days of production stop at Sevel in Atessa (Chieti) due to the lack of material, specifically the ZF power plants to set up the Ducato van.

The working activity will be from 14.15 tomorrow, Friday 1st April, and until 5.45 am on Monday 4th April.

This was announced by the RSA of Uilm.

The production resumes, except for various other communications, on the first shift on Monday 4 April. The CKD department of the Bodywork works only partially. For this stop will be required the economic treatment of layoffs. The Sevel management also communicated to the unions that on Saturday 9 April, turn B, and Sunday 10, turn C, they will carry out the recovery of the previous stops.

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