Covid, the United States removes the obligation to test from June 12 at the entrance for travelers.

From 12 June, a negative anti-Covid test will no longer be necessary to set foot in the United States. The official will arrive shortly, as anticipated by some media including CNN and substantially confirmed by the vice-spokesman of the White House Kevin Munoz. The Joe Biden administration’s decision therefore comes in early summer and will take effect in the next 48 hours. This is a ‘revolution’ for the US which had essentially always kept its guard high on arrivals from abroad. For months, pressure from companies working in the travel sector had been going on for the CDC to speak out in favor of an elimination. Now the green light will come which will last 90 days, when the CDC will express itself again, also in light of the emergence of new variants. According to the travel industry, starting with the airlines, the mandatory entry test has had a “freezing” effect on an already fragile economy.

For this reason, there had been numerous meetings between White House officials and a group of industry managers, such as Nick Calio, number one of Airlines for America, the oldest and largest airline association. Several deputies, including Democrats, in favor of lifting the obligation had also joined the front in recent weeks. The US Travel Association also cheers: “Before the pandemic, travel was one of our nation’s largest exports in the industry. The abolition of this requirement will allow the industry to pave the way for a broader US economic and employment recovery, “said CEO Roger Dow. In recent weeks, lawmakers, including Democrats, have also supported the lifting of the testing requirement. Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto said, “I am delighted that the CDC has lifted the burdensome coronavirus testing requirement for international travelers and will continue to do everything possible to support the strong recovery of our hospitality industry.”


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