Emoji: Here are all the new smilies coming soon.

The emojis are updated more and more often and the latest update coming in the coming months will allow users to use new smileys that are more and more fun but also unique and original. The 15.0 update of the Unicode consortium foresees up to 31 new smileys arriving on all platforms within the year. Compared to past years, the number of new images is much smaller but there are some smilies and drawings that are already going viral such as the smiley shaking his head.

Not only because there are also new colors for the heart and the outstretched hand to the right or left which in the original idea should be used to possibly give a virtual five during a conversation, but which could also represent an invitation to remain calm. There is no shortage of animals, plants and symbols of various kinds, let’s make a summary of the possible new emojis.

Probably not all 31 could actually be active later in 2023. Yes, because these have actually passed the penultimate skimming but we know that before actually arriving on the smartphones and user platforms they will still have to pass the grand final. Usually the process is to make them appear in the summer and then make their debut at the turn of the new year on Android or iPhone smartphones, but also on computers with Windows, macOS and Linux and in various applications.

Last year, the 14.0 update had always arrived in mid-July with smilies used today as the one that melts or the dotted one without forgetting the famous pregnant man or the lips that bite. For the record, last year the finalist emojis were 112 while in 2020 they were even 334. This year, however, they are only 31.

Among the new emojis, therefore, we have said that we find a smiley that shakes the head but also a part of the body with color variations or the hand extended to the right or left. There are three colored hearts of blue, gray and pink, animals like the elk, the crow and the jellyfish, but also foods like ginger and the pod with peas and the hyacinth flower. Also nice are other objects such as the comb, the fan and musical instruments such as the maracas and the flute to close with the symbol of wi-fi and the Khanda, the symbol of Sikhism.

When will we be able to use the new emojis in Update 15.0? The latest finalist selection will be announced in September by the Unicode Consortium and we do not know if this number of new emojis could still decrease as well as some graphics or colors could have changed.

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