WhatsApp: links for calls arrive! Here’s how the new feature works

WhatsApp: links for calls arrive
Nuove funzioni di WhatsApp

Among the various improvements in the pipeline for WhatsApp in this period, as well as for voice there are also for calls and video calls.

The latest beta of WhatsApp for Android,, contains “” under the skin “, that is hidden in the code, an addition that always concerns calls and video calls, although this time not from a visual point of view, but functional The datamining of the beta conducted by WABetainfo has in fact made it possible to discover a function that already exists in the code, even if it is still dormant, and therefore not yet accessible to users: we are talking about the possibility of creating links for calls and video calls.

The screenshot above clearly shows an unprecedented option to invite WhatsApp users to join a call, namely the creation of a link. Nothing revolutionary, but it is still an important addition, since it allows you to invite more people without them being present in your contact list: it will be enough to generate a call link and then share it.

The function can, in some ways, remember the integration with Messenger Rooms through a link, then removed: but if on the Messenger Room anyone can enter a session, even without having a Facebook account, with the new link it will still be necessary to have a WhatsApp account to take part in a call, which will then be protected by end-to-end encryption.

In short, it is a feature that aims to extend and simplify the scenarios of use of calls and video calls beyond today’s borders, but always remaining within a certain perimeter of protection. At the moment, however, we do not know when this feature will be introduced at least in beta, but the works are in progress and seem already well defined: to the eye it shouldn’t take long.

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