Elon Musk in command of Twitter. Executives and CEO fired immediatelyElon Musk in command of Twitter.

Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter according to several US media, although an official note from the company is still missing. After the goliardic entrance with a sink into the San Francisco offices in the past few hours, the richest man in the world has put aside the pleasantries and, according to several newspapers including CNBC, has celebrated his new conquest with a first “liberating” act: he fired the management team.

Parag Agrawal, who took over from Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, and CFO Ned Segal were literally pushed out the door, escorted out of the building by security according to Reuters. Vijaya Gadde, head of the legal team, and general counsel Sean Edget were also fired by Musk. Sarah Personette, head of the personnel department, is also ousted. A goodbye to Twitter, but not empty-handed: according to Business Insider sources, Agrawal leaves with 38.7 million dollars, Segal with 25.4 million, Gadde with 12.5 million and Personette with 11.2 million .

Musk tweeted that “the bird has been released”, confirming how difficult relations were between him and the previous leaders, especially after several times there had been tensions and even not too veiled insults against Agrawal. Elon Musk’s inauguration on the Twitter throne is the final chapter of a story that lasted months, exactly from April, when Tesla’s owner bought 9.2% of the social network.

Twitter’s top executives tried to get him on the board of directors, a way to prevent him from taking over, but Musk refused and made an offer – so greedy that it could not be refused – of 44 billion dollars to acquire the platform. Two weeks later Musk decided to backtrack and tried to distance himself, citing an error in the count of spam bot accounts on the platform, a decisive element to establish the value of the company.

In reality, according to many observers, Musk just wanted to revise the acquisition figure downwards, aware that an offer was too high. The turning point came at the beginning of October, when in a letter to the SEC Musk reaffirmed his commitment to the original agreement: to convince him, in all probability, the lawsuit brought by Twitter that should have started shortly thereafter and which was frozen to give him time to close the acquisition.

Additionally, in several appearances he has hinted that he could ease restraint – opening up to Trump’s return to social media – and review how Twitter makes money, although in the past he said the acquisition was not a way to make money but to create a freer, digital agora.

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