🎃♬ Michael Jackson – Thriller

Who remembers “Michael Jackson – Thriller”?

You can enjoy the treat of seeing the entire video below!

You’re almost there.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Here’s the vevo approved video.

Thanks VEVO

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7 thoughts on “🎃♬ Michael Jackson – Thriller

  1. Never liked any Jackson but kinda had pity on Michael. His childhood must’ve been hell. Still this song is one of his most obnoxious, dontcha think?

      1. References? Whoa. I don’t scientifically interprete most popsongs, particularly not English. I mostly don’t even bother listening to the lyrics. What I care about is the composition, arrangement, orchestration and production. And in all those categories MJ’s songs have always been too bombastic, artificial and American sounding for my taste. Too overgroundish, placative, harmless and showy.

      2. That’s a detailed thought, but yeah, I guess I do break the songs down that way. It’s a habit. But regardless, there’s a lot of people that would agree he’s arguably the king of pop music.

      3. That he is, or better, was. No doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean we must necessarily love his shit, no?

        There was one king of music. His name was J.S. Bach. No contest, no one comes even close to this genius. And still I can only truly enjoy a small portion of his oeuvre. Most of his stuff I find shit. 😉

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