Serie A has restarted: Juve hope to avoid heavy suspensions after the scandals…

Stadio Olimpico, Roma, Italy – Free Image of Unsplash:

yesterday the Italian football championship, the Serie A, restarted after a long break due to the World Cup (QATAR 2022) which this year took place for the first time in the winter period… At the beginning of the World Cup, in the end of November, the incredible news came out that the entire board of directors of the Juventus Club had resigned, including Andrea Agnelli, part of the family that has been managing Juventus and Fiat for centuries, the Turin-based car manufacturer, the most important in Italy and probably among the most important in Europe.

Describing what the Turin club may have done is difficult because Italian investigations are currently being carried out which are also connected to the European ones. One thing is certain, the irregularities of the team can lead in the worst case scenario even to relegation to Serie B, and obviously the consequent disqualification from the European cups (also in progress).

In itself, even a winning team is often hated by the opponents, especially Juventus which is the most titled in Italy. Since the 90s, especially after some successful episodes in the league (particularly against Inter), Juventus was always seen as a club that put pressure on refereeing in a direct or even indirect way… After the Calciopoli scandal that cost Juventus relegation, we thought finely about a cleaned up football… Obviously the latest scandals that have escaped have nothing to do with arbitrage but it is certain that it is sad to see a team like Juventus again in the spotlight of scandals. Nowadays I don’t think there’s a top club that is free from irregularities and in one way or another everyone falsifies their accounts… I hope football can improve