Russia has finished testing the POSEIDON torpedo which triggers an atomic (radioactive) tsunami

depiction of war submarine launching nuclear rockets : unsplash photo

news of the war follows one another uninterruptedly, even those of atomic weapons… Every day quite unrealistic and contradictory data on the military situation is received, such as those, for example, that Ukraine is about to overturn the war by expelling Russian soldiers. The truth is that the war continues only because the United States is supplying the Ukrainians with a monstrous amount of arsenal never seen in the history of geopolitics … When the United States pulls the plug for Ukraine it will be the end … But not only This… The longer the war lasts, the more Russia will be forced to use a nuclear weapon to end the conflict: this was also reiterated by the Pentagon. Today came the news that Russia has finished testing an atomic torpedo that would be capable of unleashing a radioactive tsunami…

A torpedo which, according to Russian media, is capable of “triggering a 500-metre radioactive tsunami that could wipe out the UK”. The umpteenth showdown of Vladimir Putin in terms of latest generation weapons is called Poseidon which in the past few hours has completed the launch tests from the Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod, as explained by a source from the Ministry of Defense to Tass. “Launching tests of the Poseidon super-torpedo were carried out to evaluate the performance of the submarine at various depths,” the source specified.

For months, NATO has been monitoring the movements of the Belgorod submarine, given that it is the largest and most modern nuclear submarine in Moscow’s fleet. And it is the only one designed to use the Poseidon torpedo, presented by Putin in 2018 as one of the systems that will restore strategic supremacy to Russia. The bomb is capable of traveling under the waves for 10,000 kilometers with the aim of exploding near the coast, generating a nuclear tsunami powerful enough to wipe out cities like New York or Los Angeles.

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