the crossing of the South Pole by bicycle by Omar Di Felice

Omar Di Felice, 41, is an ultra-cyclist. For years he has been riding his fat bike through the coldest territories in the world, from Iceland to Norway to Lapland. After the 4,000-kilometre crossing in the Arctic at the beginning of 2022, in November the athlete attempted a new feat, which no one else has ever succeeded in: reaching the South Pole in the Antartica unlimited project, to raise awareness, one month before the Cop 27, climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, on the state of the most fragile ecosystems, compromised by global warming. Despite the interruption of his ride, due to personal problems, he will not give up “Bike to 1.5°C”, the series of dissemination appointments on climate change in scientific and cultural festivals and in schools, organized together with the scientific partners Italian Climate Network and ESA-European Space Agency.

“Behind my crossings there is the will to explore my limits. Love for the world translates into the discovery of myself and the nature that surrounds me” explains Di Felice. The athlete, who set off on November 27 from Hercules Inlet, Chile. On his bicycle, the graphics of the climate stripes by the climate scientist of the University of Reading, Ed Hawkins. His path should have taken him, after more than 1,200 kilometers to the South Pole and then, after another 600 to the base of the Leverett Glacier on the opposite coast of Antarctica. On December 4, however, on the eighth day of his crossing, Di Felice had to change his plans, due to “serious personal and family problems, which did not allow me to go on”, he explained in a post on Instagram.