Today, January 16, 2023, Matteo Messina Denario, number 1 fugitive in the world of the Mafia, was arrested

When I read the news this morning I jumped out of my chair: the number one fugitive in the world has been arrested. Then with a clear mind, after various reflections but above all after reviewing some important interviews I began to think…

First of all, the arrest seems almost fictional. The mafia fugitive could have been anywhere in the world but they arrested him in the historic center of Palermo, “under the house”.
Messina Denaro had been hospitalized for about a year in a private clinic to treat a tumor and for months the carabinieri had clear interceptions.

Furthermore, in the video of the arrest, shown below, Messina Denaro can be seen being carried by the arm by the carabinieri to the police van without even being handcuffed.

But the most shocking thing is the interview made by Massimo Giletti in November 2022, with Salvatore Baiardo who was once a trusted person of the mafia bosses. Already two months ago Baiardo had hypothesized that Messina Denaro was ill and that his hypothetical arrest could have continued the state-Mafia negotiation that never ended… An apt prophecy in all.

What to say? The farce between the state and the mafia continues…

4 thoughts on “Today, January 16, 2023, Matteo Messina Denario, number 1 fugitive in the world of the Mafia, was arrested

  1. Every now and then there is a number one Italian fugitive mobster arrested after having been for decades on the run. I suppose that the one who stands one step lower than MMD on the most wanted list will now become the new number one on the most wanted fugitive list. Probably also another sick old man who has been for decennia on the run in need of free treatment on the expense of the taxpayer?

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