♬ Gabriels – Angels & Queen (Paul Woolford’s Special Request Mix)


Baby girl is fine and nineteen

Raised on catfish and collard green

Brown eyes smelling real sweet

Kitty tight with a strong heartbeat

The way she put that thing on me

That ooh-wee-nana make me lose control

Michael said she gon’ break my heart

And then take my soul

Angels and queens (just like it’s always been)

Somebody help me

Baby girl up in the magazine

Bj darling of the fashion scene

Sold her soul to be a beauty queen

That’s the worst damn deal I ever seen (ooh)

Nobody said that you ain’t got the face

That changed the game and change it all (ooh, yeah)

You’re just another motherfucker looking up at a mirror ball (ayy)

Angels and queens (just like it’s always been)

Somebody help me

I’ve been feeling alone (somebody help me)

Still believing that this would grow (somebody help me)

I’ve been meaning to let you know (somebody help me)

It’s time now for me to go (somebody help me)

Ooh, this glass ceiling is falling through (somebody help me)

Still I am nothing without you

I don’t need nobody but you and me

I can conquer anything

I don’t need nothing but your love and time

It’ll be just fine

When I think of all the things we went through

No matter what I stayed true

Through the ups and downs

I realized all that I needed was you

Angels and queens (angels and queens)

(You and me, we will always be, angels)

Angels (and queens) and queens

(Just like it’s always been)

(Just like it’s always been)

Angels (angels) and queens (and queens)

(Ooh) baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

Angels (we’ll always be)

And queens (you and me, we will always be)

Angels and queens