15 penalty points for Juventus

Juventus was sentenced to 15 penalty points by the FIGC Court of Appeal for the capital gains case. A penalty that has immediate effect: the bianconeri thus slip from the current 37 points in the standings to 22. From third place to 10th, with the same points as Bologna and Empoli.

The penalty came due to the rigged pluses of Juventus to fix the budgets. The thing that perplexes me is that only Juventus was penalized because in reality the operations also involved the other teams. Furthermore, 9 points were foreseeable and instead 15 penalty points were imposed. As far as Europe is concerned, UEFA still has to deliver its ruling but I hope no more penalties are imposed


Today, January 16, 2023, Matteo Messina Denario, number 1 fugitive in the world of the Mafia, was arrested

When I read the news this morning I jumped out of my chair: the number one fugitive in the world has been arrested. Then with a clear mind, after various reflections but above all after reviewing some important interviews I began to think…

First of all, the arrest seems almost fictional. The mafia fugitive could have been anywhere in the world but they arrested him in the historic center of Palermo, “under the house”.
Messina Denaro had been hospitalized for about a year in a private clinic to treat a tumor and for months the carabinieri had clear interceptions.

Furthermore, in the video of the arrest, shown below, Messina Denaro can be seen being carried by the arm by the carabinieri to the police van without even being handcuffed.

But the most shocking thing is the interview made by Massimo Giletti in November 2022, with Salvatore Baiardo who was once a trusted person of the mafia bosses. Already two months ago Baiardo had hypothesized that Messina Denaro was ill and that his hypothetical arrest could have continued the state-Mafia negotiation that never ended… An apt prophecy in all.

What to say? The farce between the state and the mafia continues…

the crossing of the South Pole by bicycle by Omar Di Felice

Omar Di Felice, 41, is an ultra-cyclist. For years he has been riding his fat bike through the coldest territories in the world, from Iceland to Norway to Lapland. After the 4,000-kilometre crossing in the Arctic at the beginning of 2022, in November the athlete attempted a new feat, which no one else has ever succeeded in: reaching the South Pole in the Antartica unlimited project, to raise awareness, one month before the Cop 27, climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, on the state of the most fragile ecosystems, compromised by global warming. Despite the interruption of his ride, due to personal problems, he will not give up “Bike to 1.5°C”, the series of dissemination appointments on climate change in scientific and cultural festivals and in schools, organized together with the scientific partners Italian Climate Network and ESA-European Space Agency.

“Behind my crossings there is the will to explore my limits. Love for the world translates into the discovery of myself and the nature that surrounds me” explains Di Felice. The athlete, who set off on November 27 from Hercules Inlet, Chile. On his bicycle, the graphics of the climate stripes by the climate scientist of the University of Reading, Ed Hawkins. His path should have taken him, after more than 1,200 kilometers to the South Pole and then, after another 600 to the base of the Leverett Glacier on the opposite coast of Antarctica. On December 4, however, on the eighth day of his crossing, Di Felice had to change his plans, due to “serious personal and family problems, which did not allow me to go on”, he explained in a post on Instagram.

Russia has finished testing the POSEIDON torpedo which triggers an atomic (radioactive) tsunami

depiction of war submarine launching nuclear rockets : unsplash photo

news of the war follows one another uninterruptedly, even those of atomic weapons… Every day quite unrealistic and contradictory data on the military situation is received, such as those, for example, that Ukraine is about to overturn the war by expelling Russian soldiers. The truth is that the war continues only because the United States is supplying the Ukrainians with a monstrous amount of arsenal never seen in the history of geopolitics … When the United States pulls the plug for Ukraine it will be the end … But not only This… The longer the war lasts, the more Russia will be forced to use a nuclear weapon to end the conflict: this was also reiterated by the Pentagon. Today came the news that Russia has finished testing an atomic torpedo that would be capable of unleashing a radioactive tsunami…

A torpedo which, according to Russian media, is capable of “triggering a 500-metre radioactive tsunami that could wipe out the UK”. The umpteenth showdown of Vladimir Putin in terms of latest generation weapons is called Poseidon which in the past few hours has completed the launch tests from the Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod, as explained by a source from the Ministry of Defense to Tass. “Launching tests of the Poseidon super-torpedo were carried out to evaluate the performance of the submarine at various depths,” the source specified.

For months, NATO has been monitoring the movements of the Belgorod submarine, given that it is the largest and most modern nuclear submarine in Moscow’s fleet. And it is the only one designed to use the Poseidon torpedo, presented by Putin in 2018 as one of the systems that will restore strategic supremacy to Russia. The bomb is capable of traveling under the waves for 10,000 kilometers with the aim of exploding near the coast, generating a nuclear tsunami powerful enough to wipe out cities like New York or Los Angeles.

Goodbye to Gianluca Vialli: a great football and sport champion!

When I was a child I remember the Champions League final, the only final I’ve ever won since I was born: it was 1996 and Gianluca Vialli was the Campitano. When he raised the cup, his image remained indelible in my mind…
But Gianluca Vialli also played in England for Chelsea, leading the team to win trophies they had never won before. After dedicating himself for years to his career as a technical commentator on various televisions, in 2020 he joined the staf of the Italian national team and contributed to the victory of the European Football Championship. A great champion, but also a great person who never stopped fighting and smiled at life despite the long years of illness. Hi Gianluca…

Serie A has restarted: Juve hope to avoid heavy suspensions after the scandals…

Stadio Olimpico, Roma, Italy – Free Image of Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/it/foto/XcvAfCgYX0Y

yesterday the Italian football championship, the Serie A, restarted after a long break due to the World Cup (QATAR 2022) which this year took place for the first time in the winter period… At the beginning of the World Cup, in the end of November, the incredible news came out that the entire board of directors of the Juventus Club had resigned, including Andrea Agnelli, part of the family that has been managing Juventus and Fiat for centuries, the Turin-based car manufacturer, the most important in Italy and probably among the most important in Europe.

Describing what the Turin club may have done is difficult because Italian investigations are currently being carried out which are also connected to the European ones. One thing is certain, the irregularities of the team can lead in the worst case scenario even to relegation to Serie B, and obviously the consequent disqualification from the European cups (also in progress).

In itself, even a winning team is often hated by the opponents, especially Juventus which is the most titled in Italy. Since the 90s, especially after some successful episodes in the league (particularly against Inter), Juventus was always seen as a club that put pressure on refereeing in a direct or even indirect way… After the Calciopoli scandal that cost Juventus relegation, we thought finely about a cleaned up football… Obviously the latest scandals that have escaped have nothing to do with arbitrage but it is certain that it is sad to see a team like Juventus again in the spotlight of scandals. Nowadays I don’t think there’s a top club that is free from irregularities and in one way or another everyone falsifies their accounts… I hope football can improve

The Death of Pope Benedict XVI

On December 31, 2022, BENEDICT XVI ascended to heaven, the second Pope to renounce the Pontifical Office (after Celestine V) and the first to adopt the title of Pope Emeritus. Joseph Ratzinger dies at 9:34 on the last day of the year after days in which the media had talked about the precarious health conditions of the former pontiff. Pope Ratzinger was a fundamental Pontiff. He was the one who had to fill the legacy of the long pontificate of John Paul II. For many he was a Pontiff overshadowed by many problems that gripped and still gripped the church. In reality Ratzinger was an example of rigor and faith, although not as ostentatious as his predecessor. It was Ratzinger who dictated the first guidelines with the fundamental criteria: to inform the Holy See, to follow the provisions of civil justice and to remove suspicion from pastoral activities. Five years after the election, in July 2010, new changes were made to the norms of “De delictis gravioribus” drawn up by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, changes approved by the Pope himself.

However, there are some obscure and questionable themes: many media have written that the Pope Emeritus never expressed a word of solidarity with the family of Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of the Vatican clerk who disappeared into thin air on June 22, 1983. A complex and obscure story to which a solution has never been reached, not even with the most disparate conjectures over the course of these decades. In any case, the girl’s tragic mystery occurred when Ratzinger was not yet Pope. After about 8 years of pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI resigns to the amazement of many faithful and even lay people. The real reason for Benedict XVI’s resignation has never been fully clarified, although he has spoken of it on a few occasions. For example, he denied that he was forced to resign, or that he was influenced, always saying that he acted “in complete freedom”. And on the day of his resignation he said that «in order to steer the barque of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, vigor of both body and soul is also necessary, vigor which, in recent months, has diminished in me to such an extent that I have to recognize my inability to properly administer the ministry entrusted to me”

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Covid: Beijing sweeps the pandemic under the carpet

cartoon taken from the website of the cartoonist Natangelo of the Magazine il Fatto Quotidiano

It is a preventive measure for the screening of variants of the virus, specifies the Lombarida Region, and the swab is not mandatory. The decision comes after Beijing lifted travel restrictions, despite the epidemic causing at least 5,000 deaths and over a million infections a day.

This is probably one of the first measures that will have to be taken due to the serious things that are happening in China.
For months, China has been devastated by infections, because it has loosened the restrictive measures and the natural immunities derived from the infections are decreasing … Furthermore, the vaccination system has never been effective and has a wide coverage on the percentage of inhabitants … this could lead to a collapse of the health system in the coming months. The serious thing is the Chinese government keeps the real numbers of infections and deaths hidden. Many speculate that the dead could be in the millions and this could cause many problems such as the birth of new variants that would hit the whole world again, displacing it from the current stabilization obtained with vaccines.

But this is not an exaggeration: all the projections published these days by Chinese or international scientific institutes indicate that the deaths could be between 600,000 and 2.1 million. Epidemiologists note that the low circulation of the coronavirus in China in the three years of the pandemic makes this phase of uncontrolled reopening even more dangerous: the vast majority of Chinese women have not been exposed to Covid-19 and its many variants and are now more fragile. The highest mortality rate is expected in the over-80-year-old group, of whom 60 percent have not received more than one dose of the vaccine.

Elon Musk in command of Twitter. Executives and CEO fired immediatelyElon Musk in command of Twitter.

Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter according to several US media, although an official note from the company is still missing. After the goliardic entrance with a sink into the San Francisco offices in the past few hours, the richest man in the world has put aside the pleasantries and, according to several newspapers including CNBC, has celebrated his new conquest with a first “liberating” act: he fired the management team.

Parag Agrawal, who took over from Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, and CFO Ned Segal were literally pushed out the door, escorted out of the building by security according to Reuters. Vijaya Gadde, head of the legal team, and general counsel Sean Edget were also fired by Musk. Sarah Personette, head of the personnel department, is also ousted. A goodbye to Twitter, but not empty-handed: according to Business Insider sources, Agrawal leaves with 38.7 million dollars, Segal with 25.4 million, Gadde with 12.5 million and Personette with 11.2 million .

Musk tweeted that “the bird has been released”, confirming how difficult relations were between him and the previous leaders, especially after several times there had been tensions and even not too veiled insults against Agrawal. Elon Musk’s inauguration on the Twitter throne is the final chapter of a story that lasted months, exactly from April, when Tesla’s owner bought 9.2% of the social network.

Twitter’s top executives tried to get him on the board of directors, a way to prevent him from taking over, but Musk refused and made an offer – so greedy that it could not be refused – of 44 billion dollars to acquire the platform. Two weeks later Musk decided to backtrack and tried to distance himself, citing an error in the count of spam bot accounts on the platform, a decisive element to establish the value of the company.

In reality, according to many observers, Musk just wanted to revise the acquisition figure downwards, aware that an offer was too high. The turning point came at the beginning of October, when in a letter to the SEC Musk reaffirmed his commitment to the original agreement: to convince him, in all probability, the lawsuit brought by Twitter that should have started shortly thereafter and which was frozen to give him time to close the acquisition.

Additionally, in several appearances he has hinted that he could ease restraint – opening up to Trump’s return to social media – and review how Twitter makes money, although in the past he said the acquisition was not a way to make money but to create a freer, digital agora.

Researchers: Bitcoin mining is unsustainable from an environmental point of view

Bitcoin mining would have environmental implications comparable more to the impact of the extraction and refining of crude oil rather than that of gold. According to researchers from the University of New Mexico according to their most recent study published in Scientific Reports. For this reason, Bitcoins should be compared to energy-intensive activities.

“We find no evidence that Bitcoin mining is becoming more sustainable over time,” said Benjamin A. Jones, professor at UNM Economics. “Rather, our findings suggest otherwise: Bitcoin mining is becoming more damaging to the climate. In short, Bitcoin’s environmental footprint is moving in the wrong direction. “


As of December 2021, Bitcoin had a market capitalization of around US $ 960 billion with a market share among cryptocurrencies of around 41%. It is not possible to accurately determine the environmental impacts deriving from the energy consumption necessary for Bitcoin mining, but it can be defined as an energy-intensive activity.

According to the new study, in 2020 Bitcoin mining required 75.4 terawatt hours of electricity (TWh), a higher electricity consumption than that of the whole of Austria (69.9 TWh) or Portugal (48, 4 TWh) in that year. “Globally, mining or manufacturing Bitcoin uses huge amounts of electricity, which is produced mainly from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. This is leading to air pollution and carbon emissions, which negatively impact our global climate and environment. our health, “Jones said.

The authors also stated that according to their studies, the equivalent CO2 emissions caused by the production of the electricity required for mining increased 126 times from 0.9 tons for each cryptocurrency “mined” in 2016 to 113 tons in 2021. The damage caused by Bitcoin mining in the period from 2016 to 2021 is estimated at about 12 billion dollars.

“Our focus is on those cryptocurrencies that rely on Proof of Work (POW) techniques, which can be energy-intensive,” said Regents economics professor Robert Berrens. “As part of broader efforts to mitigate climate change, the political challenge is to create governance mechanisms for an emerging, decentralized industry that regulates energy-intensive POW cryptocurrencies. We need empirical data relating to potentially unsustainable climate damage to be expressed in monetary terms ”.