In Italy Environmental and tourist drama: snow is completely missing in the Apennines.

in the previous weeks I had already written on this blog about the climatic conditions that have been experienced in Italy in recent months… in particular from May 2022 until today, January 2023: temperatures above the average by even 10 degrees, and days that seem more of spring that winter. Just today, an article came out in ANSA (National Associated Press Agency) according to which snow is completely missing in all the regions with the Apennines: a monstrous and incredible fact that I believe has never occurred in the last few seconds in the Italian peninsula. Foreigners will probably mostly know the Alps, located in the north, which are known for their snow, skiing and tourism, but generally also the Apennines, between central-northern and central-southern Italy, have mountains which have always guaranteed winter tourism… This year there isn’t a single peak or ski slope that has the necessary, and it’s not even possible to make artificial snow because the temperatures are so high that they never drop below below zero, not even at night.


The singular case of the world: The vaccination regime in Italy …

Mario Draghi, current president of the Italian Council (since February 2021) and former president of the European central bank.

At the moment in Italy there are 49 million inhabitants (crica) who have completed the vaccination cycle with the two doses which corresponds to 79.38% of the population over 12. A percentage certainly not low but not high, considering that in Italy it was imposed the mandatory vaccine. Or rather, the mandatory green pass has been imposed as a ploy to encourage people to vaccinate. In reality, however, this incentive is an obligation because the green pass acquired with the swab in practice cannot be applied every day, both for an economic and practical reason.
Who does not have the green pass is suspended from work.
At the moment the only two countries that have adopted this policy are Italy and Saudi Arabia.
Understanding why it has come to this point is complex to explain it in two lines, but surely there are some reasons, albeit not very relevant: Italy still has a high number of daily deaths and moreover the places in intensive care are not as numerous as those of others European countries such as Germany or France.
What is surprising, however, is not only the measure imposed in Italy, but also the communication with which the measures are adopted.
In September, this obligation popped up overnight as if nothing had happened and the newspapers made no criticism. Moreover, since the appointment of Draghi as premier, no newspaper has dared to give a more heated criticism. And so the Italians, in addition to some vulgar criticism of this obligation, resigned themselves to a country with less and less freedom. Obviously the obligation of the green pass will avoid any lockdowns that could regress an economy already sunk for years, but the obligation is something that overrides any right and freedom.
The discomfort is that those who fight against this obligation are those who violently protest in the streets, and those who calmly defend the idea of ​​no-vax are no longer believed.

Mario Draghi took office since February 2021, when the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, proposed him to the chambers of parliament, which in the previous weeks had discouraged Giuseppe Conte, who despite his less noble name and curriculum, has brought results in Italy never seen before: laws against corruption, citizenship income, pre-retirement etc …