The city of fairy tales [verses]

I remember the frozen streets

they forced my soul to warm even the light …

wanderer without a confidant

wanderer without support …

the city of fairy tales is a dream

the city of fairy tales is magic …

prisoner between divine lights and mortal illusions …

kite of a bird that does not fly


Public Enemy [verses]

What is confidentiality if not life expired from a personal watch?

What is the exhibition if not the life punctuated by a public sundial?

The digital world annihilates the secrecy of our day

the digital world borders on the intimacy of our thoughts

we are no longer free to think

we are no longer free to act

identities given to the best tyrants

lives extirpated by the best sailors

Twenty past seven [Verses]

Twenty past seven You never have to wait for the perfect time

and one must not believe that it is always the right time

what can unhinge the factions?

what could frighten the irreverent?

never think that a home has perfect foundations

always hoping that a dwelling is involutionable to everything

sooner or later a storm will come and sweep everything away

what will sweep even when we are only the memory of this land will come