The (innate) way of relating … in step with the times

Ilustration of Pawel Kucynski Currently, just a few years old children learn to relate to tablets and smartphones. When I was a child this was unimaginable. But that's not a good thing. Probably today's children no longer know how to relate, and they know how to put their own face into play. Obviously it almost … Continue reading The (innate) way of relating … in step with the times

Differences: stratifications of societies

llustration of Pawel Kuzcynski This design may not be immediate probably because many of us live in well-being. But pigeons are an example of the stratifications of societies: differences are created in a primary need: food. Thus what appears natural to us because necessary does not make us perceive the subtlety of nature's behavior, which … Continue reading Differences: stratifications of societies