Earnings online

Illustration of Pawel Kuzcynski Earning online has become widespread but it is certainly not easy. You can create an online product showcase that helps your sales or your availability but making money only on the internet is even more difficult. Surely everyone has thinked of making money online but it is an effort that costs … Continue reading Earnings online

The (innate) way of relating … in step with the times

Ilustration of Pawel Kucynski Currently, just a few years old children learn to relate to tablets and smartphones. When I was a child this was unimaginable. But that's not a good thing. Probably today's children no longer know how to relate, and they know how to put their own face into play. Obviously it almost … Continue reading The (innate) way of relating … in step with the times

Differences: stratifications of societies

llustration of Pawel Kuzcynski This design may not be immediate probably because many of us live in well-being. But pigeons are an example of the stratifications of societies: differences are created in a primary need: food. Thus what appears natural to us because necessary does not make us perceive the subtlety of nature's behavior, which … Continue reading Differences: stratifications of societies