war also decides the dawn of darkness …

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

There are bright ages and there are dark ages. Although the cycle of life is made up of the alternation of sunlight, in some periods it seems that the sun never rises. And when there are wars in between, it is always in the dark and freedom seems so suppressed that not even the sun gives that hope ..
what is freedom? It is being able to do what I want while respecting the freedom of the other. But if my concept of freedom is different, the system of society becomes utopian. The 3rd millennium is characterized by having exported democracy to exasperation leading it almost to a democratic dictatorship. Paradoxically, although China has nothing to do with most of the wars that have taken place in recent years, it nevertheless identifies the concept of democratic dictatorship at its perfection.

October has arrived

October has arrived.
But what is special about this month?
Until the 1970s (in Italy) the month of October was the beginning of the school and coincided with the 1st of October, the feast of San Remigio. Today everything is different and I also went to school when September was the month of the restart.
There is no longer the heat of summer. Perhaps there is also the desire for new life, despite the trees beginning to lose their leaves. After all, the fall of the leaves can mean a change of skin, even if the winter has to be overcome.
Many begin to think of melancholy, but instead it is only nostalgia, perhaps nostalgia for the past summer. But Nostlagia and Melancholy are different things. Nostalgia should make you want to experience past moments again.
The philosopher Kierkegaard said with an aphorism: “This is why I much prefer autumn to spring, because in autumn you look at the sky. In spring, the earth.”

The world sometimes runs too fast

Sometimes the world turns too fast and the frenzy of being close to everything around us leads us to be succubus of the world. As Saint Augustine said, one must go back inside oneself, to find oneself.
In fact it is within oneself that both the world and oneself are found and perhaps time and the world will be scanned according to one’s inner time and not from the external one . Of course there are deadlines and essential times in life, but every day you have to find a piece of the day to find yourself, to alienate yourself from the increasingly globalized and frenetic world.

September: the month of the two years [diary]

The heat of summer is still felt, albeit with less intensity
The days are getting shorter, but they are less hot, ideal for afternoon outings.

Most of the schools have restarted or will restart soon.
After all, September has always had the flavor of a restart, both at work and at school level.
We can imagine two parallel years: the one that starts regularly in January with the calendar and another seasonal one
which starts in September and could end (for the lucky ones) in June or July.
September is a month with two faces, the one that summer left behind, and the one that promises new seasons.
After all, we must all have a year free from the chains of the calendar.

The ruts of war

Illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

The furrows of war are dug by the plow, the means by which one sows to collect food … but they are defended by soldiers who are often forced to make war.

Sometimes, however, wars that only sow hatred or those that are waged for the pleasure of expanding their borders do not bear any fruit.

The boundaries of the world are often established in eras when communications did not allow for the current globalization.

But to make a war it often takes either the pinnacle of domination or absolute hunger. A country with moderate approval is not tempted to make war because it could fall into a much worse condition than it is

The hunger to post

The photo in this post is eloquent … pigs eating … what? Written things … maybe! But maybe even the things published … The problem of the vastness of the internet is real: you can find everything and often you can publish or write about everything. But the solution is to understand how the system works. If publishing is encouraged by the fact that there are people who take advantage of certain things then it is better to change the mentality of these people ..

The social (and economic) policy of wars

Almost all wars are waged for interests, particularly political, social and geographical ones. But often there are also economic interests. The United States has always been criticated of waging war for economic gains. There is no doubt that almost all American wars have been waged to export democracy or even to suppress dictatorships. But behind these valid reasons there were also other interests, often not directly … but there were. After all, successful wars, in most cases, bring money.

Faith in one’s state

Where does what is generally called “evil” come from? Often it comes from not believing in the goodness of those around us or believing that we are abusing the freedom of others.
Believing in the state also means believing in the environment made up of the people around us, which is equivalent to a religion.
On the other hand, when freedom is abused on other people and therefore on the laws of the state, it is equivalent to believing that you are gods or seeds of gods.