Elon Musk is the richest man in the world! Overcome Jeff Bezos thanks also to the Tesla title

Elon Musk founded the SpaceX aerospace enterprise in 2002 – a year before Tesla – with the intent of colonizing Mars. After 20 years, the red planet has not yet been colonized, but the spacecraft factory has made Elon Musk the richest man in the world, with 223 billion. In Bloomberg’s rankings, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos fell relentlessly to second place, with $ 191.6 billion. Its assets have remained essentially stable from 2020, as have Amazon shares. Bill Gates for his part suffered the backlash of the divorce from Melinda. Not to mention Zuckerberg, who in the first week of October saw his fortune drop by six billion dollars due to the downturn of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.
But if Elon flies, his ultra billionaire colleagues certainly do not cry misery. Bloomberg also calculates that the massive injection of liquidity into the economy by central banks in the year of the pandemic has increased the wealth of the richest by $ 742 billion in 2021 alone, and the year has yet to end. Meanwhile, the only man in the world with more than $ 200 billion in personal assets is completing the move of his Tesla from Silicon Valley to Texas.

California alone is the fifth largest economy in the world, but the high cost of housing ($ 834,000 the average price of a family home in the state and $ 1.66 million in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Santa Clara) and the huge tax burden they are making a place less attractive than in the past for innovative companies. A puts the burden of nineties on the lesser attractiveness of the southwestern state of the United States, the dramatic fires of recent years. The move from Palo Alto to Austin is not the end of Tesla’s presence in California, Musk says. Also the billionaire, says that in the Bay Area “there is no room to climb”. In any case, California remains – for now – a hotbed of talents and innovative startups, thanks above all to its prestigious universities and research centers. The migration of companies even so symbolically important represents a wake-up call not to become a really difficult environment for new talents.

Mourning in US politics: Colin Powell is dead

Born in Harlem, he was the first African American secretary of state in the history of the United States. The family: “We have lost a husband, a father and a great American.”

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell died today at the age of 84. According to what the family communicated on his Facebook page, the cause of death would be attributed to “complications related to Covid-19”. It is not known at the moment what kind of illness was fatal to him.

While the reactions of the White House are awaited, former Republican President George W. Bush commented on the news through an official statement, declaring himself “deeply sorry” for the loss of a figure who marked American foreign policy during the years of the presidency of he. Colin Powell was “a great public servant from the time he served as a soldier in Vietnam,” adds the Republican. “He is highly respected at home and abroad. And more importantly, Colin was a family man and friend. Laura and I send our sincere condolences to Alma and their children, ”adds the note. Bush’s words were joined by the first reactions from the world of politics and the military: «The world has lost one of the greatest leaders. He has been my mentor for years, with him I also lose an extraordinary friend, “commented Pentagon number one, Lloyd J. Austin. Among the first to express condolences was General Martin Dempsey, former US Chief of Staff, followed by Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who defined Powell as «a man of indomitable courage devoted to the cause of freedom.

He remained in office from January 2001 to January 2005, and is best remembered for his speech at the United Nations Council on February 5, 2003 in which he supported the existence of evidence – by exhibiting a vial that contained a white powder – on the possession of weapons of mass destruction by Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime to justify military intervention.

Speaking of the biological weapons in Iraq’s possession, Powell showed representatives of other countries, with a very theatrical gesture, a vial that contained a white powder. Powell added that Iraq could have produced about 25,000 liters of anthrax, according to UN inspectors. The speech was so dramatic and effective that even many American liberal commentators, tending to be unfavorable to the policies of the Bush administration, were influenced by it in saying that they were convinced of the reality of the danger represented by Iraq.

Anthrax had been a very real danger for a few months in previous years: after the 9/11 attacks five people died and another 17 were infected by a series of letters containing small amounts of anthrax. In the months following the February 5 speech, it was discovered that much of the information and reconstructions presented by Colin Powell to members of the Security Council were false.

There were no mobile laboratories or huge arsenals of weapons of mass destruction. Much later, in the summer of 2008, the investigation into the anthrax attacks also ended: the FBI said it had gathered enough evidence to say that the culprit was Bruce E. Ivins, a microbiologist who worked for the government. that he was not tried because he had killed himself a few weeks before the announcement. In February 2005, Powell called his speech to the United Nations Security Council – and the exposition of the arguments produced by the American and British secret services – a “stain” on his career.

Telegram breaks another record! It has been downloaded and installed on smartphones more than a billion times

Telegram has reached a new record and this time it has done so in the Android platform and in its PlayStore that is the virtual store where all users can download applications. In this case that the application has passed for the first time a milestone that few other applications have reached this Russian during their life and we are talking about the download record on the Google PlayStore.

As reported directly on the Google PlayStore card, Telegram has been downloaded and installed on smartphones for more than a billion times. A staggering figure that few other applications have ever reached in the history of Android and which has certainly also been allowed by the latest downs of Facebook and WhatsApp.

But that’s not the only reason: Telegram over the years has been a shovel of many that no one had been able to formulate messaging in a simple application now. And if everyone has their preferences for the messaging system, it is clear that the functionalities that observe Telegram have not passed, indeed they are precisely those that have resulted in the success that the app has today. We speak clearly of the possibility of creating channels where to send messages to real communities of users, use stickers, customized or even created directly on the portal and then a user friendly aspect that over the years has improved in usability allowing anyone to use chats in fast and safe way.

And we remember, a story of a few weeks ago, as just with the down of Facebook and WhatsApp, Telegram has managed in a few hours to obtain the beauty of over 70 million new users. In short, a success that has no limits, just like the features that the app has and that are coming in the future.

Haiti. More kidnappings: Protestant pastors kidnapped with their families

The phenomenon of kidnappings for extortion purposes in Haiti does not stop, a real emergency that does not spare religious, politicians, businessmen but also ordinary people. In June, the Italian engineer Giovanni Calì was kidnapped and released after 22 days.
Several criminal gangs are engaged in this kind of activity, in particular the “400 Mawozo” group, author of numerous kidnappings especially in the area of ​​the capital Port-au-Prince and the border with the Dominican Republic.
Just the “400 Mawozo” would be responsible for the kidnapping yesterday of about fifteen people, American Protestant pastors with their families, including children. The incident occurred about thirty kilometers east of the capital: the bus on which the shepherds and their families were traveling was stopped by criminals, who kidnapped them and took them to unknown places.
Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, shaken by earthquakes and a serious political crisis following the killing of President Jovenel Moïse in July. It is estimated that at least 600 individuals have been kidnapped in the Caribbean country since the beginning of the year.

The tension between China and Taiwan is still rising.Xi warns the world: “Taiwan will be reunited with China, no one will interfere”

Yesterday evening Beijing rejected the offer of talks made by the president of the Asian island Tsai Ing-wen. The president then said today that Taiwan will strengthen its defenses so that no one can force it to accept the path traced by China without freedom and democracy.

The Taiwan independence movement is “the biggest obstacle to national reunification, a serious threat to China’s rejuvenation: it never ends well for those who forget their ancestors, betray their homeland or divide the country. They will certainly be despised by the people and judged by history ”. The peremptory tones of President Xi Jinping, echoed in the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square, in Beijing, gave a clear representation of the woodworm well rooted in the Communist leadership because “the historical task of the complete reunification of the motherland must be fulfilled and it certainly will be. “.
Xi warned the world on the rebel island, 130 km away from the coasts of Fujian, so close and at the same time far from mainland China for institutional arrangements: never before, despite the pressure from Beijing and the almost 150 military aircraft and fighters sent to violate the defense space from 1 to 4 October.
Only the 23 million Taiwanese have the right to decide “the future and development” of the island, was the reply of the Taipei Council for Business with China: in the face of the ambitions of the Communist Party, President Tsai Ing- Wen has repeatedly reiterated that he “will neither yield nor advance”, strongly defending national sovereignty and security and continuing to deepen relations with friendly countries and maintain the “status quo of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait”.

Italy 2-1 Belgium: the Italians win the final for third place in the Nation League. Tonight the Spain-France final

Italy got off to a strong start with the acceleration of Chiesa, who tried the shot twice within 120 seconds. The first real chance, however, is for Belgium, at the feet of Saelemaekers: Batshuayi’s side and shot from inside the area that displaces Donnarumma and is printed on the crossbar. The pace remains high and – at the end of the first half – the Azzurri are very close to the advantage: Chiesa is all alone in front of Courtois (after the excellent launch by Berardi) and takes a safe shot, but the Real goalkeeper performs a miracle with your feet and sends the ball for a corner. Mancini shocked him during the break and two minutes after the return came Barella’s wonderful goal. The Inter midfielder throws a flying ‘bomb’ from the edge of the area, which bags into the low corner behind Courtois. Italy insists and doubles with rigor, procured by the Church, transformed (with the thrill) by Berardi. Belgium reacts and after two posts reopens the match with a goal from De Ketelaere, but fails to catch the Azzurri.

Italia (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bastoni, Acerbi, Emerson Palmieri; Locatelli, Pellegrini, Barella; Berardi, Raspadori, Chiesa. Allenatore: Mancini.

Belgio (3-4-2-1): Courtois; Alderweireld, Denayer, Vertonghen; Saelemaekers, Witsel, Tielemans, Castagne; Vanaken, Carrasco; Batshuayi. Allenatore: Martinez.

Telegram boom: 70 million new users during WhatsApp outage

The sensational blocking of social networks of the giant Facebook Inc. which includes: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has benefited some platforms, in particular Telegram. The Telegram instant messaging platform is WhatsApp’s “alternative” par excellence, both in terms of users and in terms of functionality.

With the inability to use WhatsApp, Messenger and Direct for over 6 hours, users have turned to other platforms such as Telegram which in a single day registered 70 million new users.

“I am proud of how our team has managed unprecedented growth because Telegram has continued to work flawlessly for the vast majority of our users. This is a record increase in user registration and activity” for the service. ” said Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram.

On the other hand, it was not easy to manage the situation, given that the high and unexpected number of active users on the platform created some slowdowns, particularly in the United States. After the return to normal of the Facebook group’s apps, most likely the great majority have returned to using mainly WhatsApp but could have kept Telegram in case of future blackouts.

Zodiac: the infamous Zodiac Killer identified! He’s been on the run for over 50 years

A task force claims to have finally discovered the identity of the mysterious Zodiac Killer! The notorious serial killer, long sought after in the San Francisco Bay Area, has finally been identified by a Cold-Case task force, led by former FBI agents and retired law enforcement officials. He terrorized the United States in the 1960s by sending encrypted letters to the press and the police. The murders committed by the Zodiac Killer between 1968 and 1969 have remained in the history of serial killings, a phenomenon made famous in the United States by Charles Manson first and Ted Bundy later. After 52 years of the 5 murders attributed to him, a group of specialists consisting of 40 former investigators, journalists and members of military intelligence identified Zodiac. According to some posthumous investigations, it would be Gary Francis Poste, a veteran of the US Air Force who died in 2018. Through some photos of the deceased, the investigators realized that the scars on the forehead of the alleged serial killer were identical to those shown on the drawings of the identikit released by the police. According to the findings of the team of investigators, another important clue in the research would be identifiable in the letters that Zodiac sent to the San Francisco Chronicle. The letters of the name Gary Francis Poste were always omitted in puzzle missives. “To understand the anagrams, you had to know Gary’s full name,” said Jen Butcholds, a former intelligence officer who investigated the case. According to the team, Poste could also be linked to the murder of Chery Jo Bates in 1966 in Riverside, California. The crime would have occurred two years earlier than the first murder linked to Zodiac, yet the points of contact would be multiple. Poste was hospitalized in a hospital 15 minutes away from where Bates was killed. He was in hospital following a gunshot accident.

Battlefield 2042, the beta version available from today in preload

Battlefield 2042 is one of the best shooting games. The release of the video game is approaching, but in the meantime the beta is upon us, with the possibility of preloading already yesterday on PC and consoles and the opening of the new trial version scheduled for today, Wednesday 6 October 2021. After many uncertainties and rumors, the beta and preload dates have been officially announced by EA and the early download is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Let’s say that it is not really a feature that smells of realism, but the series has never wanted to be too fiscal under the simulation aspect and certainly will not change its philosophy with Battlefield 2042. (IGN ITALY) Well, on the technical front, the PlayStation 5 version promises well with its 2160p that seems effective (even if some reconstruction technique has been used is not noticeable at all) and a fairly solid frame rate. We must always consider that this is the open beta version, therefore not indicative of the final quality of the game, but already seen in this way, with very high PC settings, it makes a good impression at 4K and 60 fps.

The singular case of the world: The vaccination regime in Italy …

Mario Draghi, current president of the Italian Council (since February 2021) and former president of the European central bank.

At the moment in Italy there are 49 million inhabitants (crica) who have completed the vaccination cycle with the two doses which corresponds to 79.38% of the population over 12. A percentage certainly not low but not high, considering that in Italy it was imposed the mandatory vaccine. Or rather, the mandatory green pass has been imposed as a ploy to encourage people to vaccinate. In reality, however, this incentive is an obligation because the green pass acquired with the swab in practice cannot be applied every day, both for an economic and practical reason.
Who does not have the green pass is suspended from work.
At the moment the only two countries that have adopted this policy are Italy and Saudi Arabia.
Understanding why it has come to this point is complex to explain it in two lines, but surely there are some reasons, albeit not very relevant: Italy still has a high number of daily deaths and moreover the places in intensive care are not as numerous as those of others European countries such as Germany or France.
What is surprising, however, is not only the measure imposed in Italy, but also the communication with which the measures are adopted.
In September, this obligation popped up overnight as if nothing had happened and the newspapers made no criticism. Moreover, since the appointment of Draghi as premier, no newspaper has dared to give a more heated criticism. And so the Italians, in addition to some vulgar criticism of this obligation, resigned themselves to a country with less and less freedom. Obviously the obligation of the green pass will avoid any lockdowns that could regress an economy already sunk for years, but the obligation is something that overrides any right and freedom.
The discomfort is that those who fight against this obligation are those who violently protest in the streets, and those who calmly defend the idea of ​​no-vax are no longer believed.

Mario Draghi took office since February 2021, when the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, proposed him to the chambers of parliament, which in the previous weeks had discouraged Giuseppe Conte, who despite his less noble name and curriculum, has brought results in Italy never seen before: laws against corruption, citizenship income, pre-retirement etc …