2nd October 1950 – The first strip of Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts is released.

A group of children and a white dog with black ears make up Peanuts, a daily comic written and illustrated by Charles Monroe Schulz, published from 2 October 1950 to 13 February 2000 (the day after the author’s death). A comic book saga that entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular comic of all time. In the beginning the characters were just Charlie Brown, Shermy, Patty and the dog, Snoopy. But soon the strip began to focus especially on Charlie Brown, a stubborn, shy and insecure child in love with “a red-haired girl”, Violet, who will be added at a later time. Over the years Shermy and Patty appear more rarely, while new characters are inserted: Schroeder, Lucy van Pelt, selfish and mischievous, and her brother Linus. In the sixties the strip begins to devote more space to Snoopy, who will become the great protagonist of the history of Peanuts. Endowed with a fervid imagination, in the course of its long history he has personified hundreds of different characters: Joe Falchetto, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown’s younger sister, Sally, the bird Woodstock, a friend of Snoopy who speaks a language of his which for us is incomprehensible, Pigpen, the always dirty child, Spike, one of Snoopy’s brothers who lives in the desert and many more, telling stories in the strips that have fascinated children all over the world. The adventures of Snoopy and his companions have appeared in over 2,000 newspapers, reaching 355 million readers. Since 1970 the definition of “Linus blanket” has been officially included in Webster’s Dictionary, and the most prestigious museums in the world have dedicated exhibitions and retrospectives to Schulz. The result of fifty years of Shulz’s tireless work, the series was interrupted by the express will of the author, who, jealously claiming paternity, forbade any heirs to continue it.