White House: first legislation for cryptocurrency regulation

On Friday, September 16, the White House published a new framework with directives on greater control of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, with the aim of framing them within a new regulatory framework.

The Biden administration is concerned about increasing volatility and, in particular, the recent decline in cryptocurrencies which has led to problems across the finance landscape. The framework, the first of its kind targeting cryptocurrencies, specifically focuses on measures that could be taken to change the financial services industry, make transactions easier and crack down on fraud.

“Digital assets pose significant risks to consumers, investors and businesses. The prices of these assets can be highly volatile,” says the Biden administration. The current global market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is around one third of the peak in November 2021 ″.

The new guidelines will be updated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC): therefore no new authorities will be established. In addition, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are called upon to redouble their efforts to monitor consumer complaints and to enforce unfair, deceptive or abusive practices. However, no warrants have yet been issued, with the framework lacking effectiveness and clarity, according to some.

Biden also reserves the right to consider whether to invite Congress to amend the Bank Secrecy Act by extending laws against the transmission of unlicensed money to digital asset service providers. According to a White House fact sheet, the opportunity to include digital asset exchanges and non-fungible token platforms (NFTs) is also being considered.

Ultimately, the aim will be to intensify investigations into digital asset market misconduct and redouble enforcement efforts by strengthening coordination between agencies.

The Tension between the United States and Russia is skyrocketing – Russia wants to invade Ukraine.

For several weeks, the possibility of a new Russian invasion of Ukraine has become increasingly concrete. Since last November, the Russian government has been massing thousands of soldiers near the border of eastern Ukraine, threatening to intervene if the West, or rather NATO, does not decide to give up keeping Ukraine under its influence, and therefore does not show with clarity of wanting to give up the process of “enlargement to the east”. In recent days, concerns about a possible Russian intervention have grown even more intense and there are reasons to believe that Vladimir Putin’s regime is indeed considering a military operation of some kind.

The first thing to bear in mind is that any Russian military operation in Ukraine would not be something new, nor particularly unexpected.

Over the past fifteen years, Putin’s Russia has shown on several occasions that it is willing to use force to guarantee its influence in neighboring countries that were part of the Soviet Union: it happened for example in 2008 in Georgia, where Russia intervened by pushing back the Georgian troops who had invaded South Ossetia; and it happened in 2014 in Crimea, when men with covered faces were sent by Putin to take control of the Ukrainian peninsula, then annexed by a very controversial referendum.

The second thing to consider is that Ukraine is particularly important to Russia, and has been for some time.

Putin would like NATO, the military alliance of which the United States is the informal leader, to provide an official guarantee of renouncing Ukraine to join the organization (although no one is willing to do so for now) and therefore expand its own. presence to the east. In recent days, several analysts have mentioned the long article published by Putin last July in which the Russian president spoke of the “historic unity between Russians and Ukrainians” and argued, in essence, that Ukraine belonged to Russia and that the formation of a Ukrainian national identity detached from Russia was to be considered an “anti-Russia project”.

The situation that has arisen today is particularly worrying for several reasons.

Biden runs for cover to defend Kamala Harris in evident difficulty: “she is a courageous leader”

A popularity rate of 28 percent, a mission to Paris that has practically gone unnoticed by the national and international press. Vice President Kamala Harris appears increasingly in trouble, also according to CNN’s detailed revelations about the former Democratic senator’s team’s frustration with her role in the White House.

So much so that President Joe Biden, who also has to deal with an all-time low popularity, just 41%, ran for cover with a statement of support for the deputy published by spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Twitter. “The vice president is not only a vital partner for Potus but also a courageous leader who has taken the lead on important challenges that our country faces: from the right to vote to the causes of migration and the strengthening of broadband”, reads the message addressed “to all those who need to listen”.

Psaki’s tweet, released last night, was relaunched today by other senior White House officials, including chief of staff, Ron Klain, to gauge how alarmed the revelations, also published the night, caused in the West Wing. last on CNN’s website, regarding complaints from Harris loyalists, who claim Biden’s deputy would not be put in a position to be successful.

Accusations to which the West Wing, the wing of the White House that houses the president’s staff offices, is answered by pointing the finger at the “dysfunctions” of the vice president’s office, which has already lost several collaborators within a few months . “Kamala Harris spent nearly a year taking on all the problems the West Wing didn’t want to take on,” is the accusation of one of the former aides of the first female vice president, and not white, with a particular reference to the fact that Harris runs the thorny dossier of migrants.

COVID: vaccine for Kids in USA

Covid, in the US, definitive green light for a Pfizer vaccine for children between 5 and 11 years old

The OK from the CDC, which came after FDA approval, launches the new phase of the American vaccination campaign. Approximately 28 million children affected. “We are at a turning point in our battle with Covid,” said President Joe Biden. He specified that the injections could begin in the week of November 8.

In the United States, the authorities have finally approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The green light was given by the CDCs (Centers for disease control and prevention), which recommended injections also for this age group and, in fact, launched the new phase of the vaccination campaign. In recent days there was the approval of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which had said yes for children at a reduced dose (one third of that for adults) and two injections three weeks apart. The decision affects approximately 28 million American children
Biden: “We are at a turning point”

“With the authorization of the vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11, we are at a turning point in our battle with Covid,” said US President Joe Biden. The green light of the CDC to vaccinations for children, he added, is a “big step forward in our battle to defeat the virus”. The head of the White House has specified that the vaccination campaign for children can begin in the week of 8 November.

The social (and economic) policy of wars

Almost all wars are waged for interests, particularly political, social and geographical ones. But often there are also economic interests. The United States has always been criticated of waging war for economic gains. There is no doubt that almost all American wars have been waged to export democracy or even to suppress dictatorships. But behind these valid reasons there were also other interests, often not directly … but there were. After all, successful wars, in most cases, bring money.

The desperate flights from afghanistan

illustration of pawel kuczysnki

In these days the battle of the Taliban to establish the new government and consequently the regime that will lead to the expulsion of the last remaining American soldiers in Afghanista is continuing.

Gruesome things happened in the very first days when Kabul was conquered: people flocked to catch flights and, as the seats were all occupied, people even clung to the handles of the plane, crashing shortly after take-off.

The game of war (and peace)

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

This design is very contextualized in this period, in which the USA is withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, after decades of wars and domination of the territory, and the Taliban are preparing to conquer the capital! Will there still be the danger of terrorism and attacks?

Some children play with war toys in a imaginary world; in the future, some of them will play with peace toys in their imaginary world.

War or peace. Both are learned behavior. What will you teach yours?

Yet another Impeachment for Trump

caricature of the president donald trump


Trump problems never end …
Is he against everyone or are they all against him?
Maybe both …

After the Russiagate investigation that put the president at risk for impeachment, there is the case of pressure on Ukrainian politicians that would have favored Trump in the elections. The president denied that he had only spoken to Zelens’kyj of Joe Biden.

Although Nancy Pelosi (Democratic Party) is beating for her to have an impeachment, it is unlikely that this will happen because the mid-term elections have only guaranteed victory to the parliament and not to the Senate, where an impeachment presentation would be rejected.

Trump is unpleasant to many. His economic power is very large, but other politicians (democrats) would have done some trick to get more votes.

Trump’s consent is falling … but where are all those voters who voted for him in 2016? Trump is one of the few presidents to have lowered unemployment to 4%: a historical record.

Men of the right are always acted on of their power…