Gabby Petito is dead, the body of the “daughter of America” in the forest: it is hunting for her boyfriend Brian

The FBI has announced the discovery of the body of Gabby Petito, the young influencer who disappeared while she was taking a road trip with her boyfriend across America. Her remains were found in a forest in Wyoming, but the mystery about her disappearance – first – and death – then – is far from being resolved. Her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, 23, who has also disappeared, is currently being sought. The affair caused great uproar in American public opinion. In recent days, a video recorded by the bodycam of a Utah agent who stopped the 22-year-old along with her boyfriend on August 12 in Utah for speeding has also emerged. In the video, the girl appears crying uncontrollably, and then she tells the officers that she had a fight with her boyfriend for “personal reasons”. Images in contrast with the idyllic ones with which in these months of travel around America, the couple had told their social networks about their trekking, the breakfasts with yogurt and granola, the nights spent under the stars in the desert. An idyll interrupted last September 11 when Petito’s parents, after not having heard from her daughter for days, turned to the police to find out that Brian had only been back in Florida for 10 days. Considered by the police “person of interest”, but not indicted for the disappearance of his girlfriend, the 23-year-old is inexplicably refusing to cooperate with investigators. “Two people went on a trip and only one came back. I think Brian has some information, and I think the people around him have it, and we’re asking these people to come forward, ”said the chief of police in North Port, Florida. Police believe Petito last spoke to her parents in late August at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. From Utah comes not only the video recorded by the Moab police, but also the testimony of a person who called 911 that August 12 because he had seen the couple arguing violently, and the girl entering the car through the window “as if the boy had locked her out of the car. ‘ Then the police stopped the two young men and recorded the video in which the girl talks about what she describes as a compulsive disorder: “Sometimes I always have to clean and tidy up and then I apologize to him.” «He tells me that I have to calm down – the girl said again – but I am calm, it is he who stresses me».