An drawing that hits the soul

It is not difficult to comment on this drawing but I believe that many will perceive the meaning. As always, Pawel Kuczynski's drawings are often directed to the soul, very often contaminated by the distortions of modern society.

Differences: stratifications of societies

llustration of Pawel Kuzcynski This design may not be immediate probably because many of us live in well-being. But pigeons are an example of the stratifications of societies: differences are created in a primary need: food. Thus what appears natural to us because necessary does not make us perceive the subtlety of nature's behavior, which … Continue reading Differences: stratifications of societies

The Force of Nature breaks out sonner or later

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki Man feels free to carry out his life without cons towards nature, and so with the passing of decades and centuries, generations mistreat the earth, without giving it due respect. But the force of nature is superior to man and sooner or later he will always take revenge … one way … Continue reading The Force of Nature breaks out sonner or later