Just a few hours ago, on Sunday June 27, the 2021 Bet Awards were held in Los Angeles. The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was teeming with “real” people and the stars gave their best, both on the red carpet and on stage. The luxury was certainly undeniable, but the style was sometimes lacking, and if there was, it was on the border between the baroque and the convoluted.

The fact remains that a multitude of artists of this caliber all together and in one place had not been seen for some years, due to pandemics and restrictions, so we cannot miss the opportunity to study and evaluate the outfits proposed by the stars.

Do you know what the Bet Awards are?

The Bet Awards are prizes that are given in an evening entirely focused on celebrating the “African Americans” in terms of music, sport, acting, social commitment and many other sectors. The first ceremony took place in 2001 and since then the Bet Awards have become an annual event. This year’s Bet Awards were important in many ways. First of all, the 2021 Bet Awards were one of the first musical and social events to resume at full capacity, that is, with real people, real spectators and non-artificial stages. They were held in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and unlike last year, where the Bet Awards were held in virtual mode, this year everything is back to normal. The stars had the opportunity to prepare and show off their best looks and to walk the red carpet as usual.

The theme of the 2021 Bet Awards was “year of women of color”. Queen Latifah, singer, actress and activist, for example, received her Lifetime Achievement Award tonight. Leading this edition of the Bet Awards was the award-winning actress Tarji P. Henson, who said during the opening of the show: “Celebrating women of color is not a trend, but a mood of all time … there is room for everyone. we to thrive, because nobody is you like yourself “

Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling (Peanuts)


How beautiful is friday? The day think about the weekend, the leisure, the rest! Definitely one of the best days of the week

Paradoxically, in some countries, such as Italy and other European countries, Friday can bring bad luck. Probably this belief was born because the Jesus died on Friday. Precisely, in Italy it is said that it is unfortunate to leave for a trip on Friday.

I remember when I was a boy and I went to school even on Saturday I felt Friday almost like a normal day. With work, on the other hand, most people feel Friday as a horizon to look at, a wait …

The Best useful App for Smartphone (andoird)

The Best useful App Andoroid

01 Whatsapp


It is the best known and most used app in the world. Indispensable for messaging


02 Telegram


It is the best alternative to whatsapp. It is less used but it is still the first alternative


03 Shazam


Did you just hear this a song you like and don’t know the title? This app helps you: by recording a few seconds of the song you can find the title in an instant


04 MapsME

For navigation and GPS the most used app is google maps which is already present in almost all andorid devices. But the best alternative (and maybe even a substitute) is MapsME because you can download maps on your phone and use them even when you’re offline.



The most used browser is google chrome. But if you are looking for an alternative because you cannot visualize the pages well this is the best alternative




Google documents is the best working tool to write documents: texts, presentations, databases, etc.




The best alternative to Google Documents, it’s light and practical unlike Microsoft Office which takes up a lot of memory space




It is the best app to view PDF documents. Few other apps can compete …




I think it is the best social network for the phone: uploading images lets you know all over the world where you are in a few moments




In the era of messaging where images are sent instead of text with written or even written in JPG format, this app is indispensable. Create square images where you can write the text you like and in the font you prefer with the background you want (with image or without)




How much memory is full or when useless files slow down the smartphone a cleaner is needed: this is the best. A valid alternative would be cclenaer but I found that it often crashes




Without a doubt the best antivirus for the phone that controls everything in real time.
The only downside (as with all antivirus programs) is that it slows down the smartphone.




If you have multiple accounts (or even phone numbers) and want to use them in one phone this App is essential: it makes the phone dual sim and creates 2account for each social ..