the first concert paid in Bitcoin is by One Republic

A historic event for music ended last week thanks to One Republic. The famous US band was the first to create a live concert that can be purchased in Bitcoin. The event was held on November 16th at the gates of Vienna with tickets sold out in a few minutes through the Strike peer-to-peer app.

The American singer is a big fan of cryptocurrencies and NFT and is convinced that music and technology must go hand in hand. Apparently he has no intention of stopping there, in fact the American artist has already announced that in December he will hold another show that will accept payments in Bitcoin.

It is a very important event for the music scene with the first world famous band launching this type of initiative. The world of music has often been associated with NFTs, where this year we have seen several artists try their hand at digital works.

Mourning in US politics: Colin Powell is dead

Born in Harlem, he was the first African American secretary of state in the history of the United States. The family: “We have lost a husband, a father and a great American.”

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell died today at the age of 84. According to what the family communicated on his Facebook page, the cause of death would be attributed to “complications related to Covid-19”. It is not known at the moment what kind of illness was fatal to him.

While the reactions of the White House are awaited, former Republican President George W. Bush commented on the news through an official statement, declaring himself “deeply sorry” for the loss of a figure who marked American foreign policy during the years of the presidency of he. Colin Powell was “a great public servant from the time he served as a soldier in Vietnam,” adds the Republican. “He is highly respected at home and abroad. And more importantly, Colin was a family man and friend. Laura and I send our sincere condolences to Alma and their children, ”adds the note. Bush’s words were joined by the first reactions from the world of politics and the military: «The world has lost one of the greatest leaders. He has been my mentor for years, with him I also lose an extraordinary friend, “commented Pentagon number one, Lloyd J. Austin. Among the first to express condolences was General Martin Dempsey, former US Chief of Staff, followed by Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who defined Powell as «a man of indomitable courage devoted to the cause of freedom.

He remained in office from January 2001 to January 2005, and is best remembered for his speech at the United Nations Council on February 5, 2003 in which he supported the existence of evidence – by exhibiting a vial that contained a white powder – on the possession of weapons of mass destruction by Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime to justify military intervention.

Speaking of the biological weapons in Iraq’s possession, Powell showed representatives of other countries, with a very theatrical gesture, a vial that contained a white powder. Powell added that Iraq could have produced about 25,000 liters of anthrax, according to UN inspectors. The speech was so dramatic and effective that even many American liberal commentators, tending to be unfavorable to the policies of the Bush administration, were influenced by it in saying that they were convinced of the reality of the danger represented by Iraq.

Anthrax had been a very real danger for a few months in previous years: after the 9/11 attacks five people died and another 17 were infected by a series of letters containing small amounts of anthrax. In the months following the February 5 speech, it was discovered that much of the information and reconstructions presented by Colin Powell to members of the Security Council were false.

There were no mobile laboratories or huge arsenals of weapons of mass destruction. Much later, in the summer of 2008, the investigation into the anthrax attacks also ended: the FBI said it had gathered enough evidence to say that the culprit was Bruce E. Ivins, a microbiologist who worked for the government. that he was not tried because he had killed himself a few weeks before the announcement. In February 2005, Powell called his speech to the United Nations Security Council – and the exposition of the arguments produced by the American and British secret services – a “stain” on his career.

2nd October 1950 – The first strip of Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts is released.

A group of children and a white dog with black ears make up Peanuts, a daily comic written and illustrated by Charles Monroe Schulz, published from 2 October 1950 to 13 February 2000 (the day after the author’s death). A comic book saga that entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular comic of all time. In the beginning the characters were just Charlie Brown, Shermy, Patty and the dog, Snoopy. But soon the strip began to focus especially on Charlie Brown, a stubborn, shy and insecure child in love with “a red-haired girl”, Violet, who will be added at a later time. Over the years Shermy and Patty appear more rarely, while new characters are inserted: Schroeder, Lucy van Pelt, selfish and mischievous, and her brother Linus. In the sixties the strip begins to devote more space to Snoopy, who will become the great protagonist of the history of Peanuts. Endowed with a fervid imagination, in the course of its long history he has personified hundreds of different characters: Joe Falchetto, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown’s younger sister, Sally, the bird Woodstock, a friend of Snoopy who speaks a language of his which for us is incomprehensible, Pigpen, the always dirty child, Spike, one of Snoopy’s brothers who lives in the desert and many more, telling stories in the strips that have fascinated children all over the world. The adventures of Snoopy and his companions have appeared in over 2,000 newspapers, reaching 355 million readers. Since 1970 the definition of “Linus blanket” has been officially included in Webster’s Dictionary, and the most prestigious museums in the world have dedicated exhibitions and retrospectives to Schulz. The result of fifty years of Shulz’s tireless work, the series was interrupted by the express will of the author, who, jealously claiming paternity, forbade any heirs to continue it.

SpaceX sends four civilians into orbit. The Inspiration4 mission has started

The SpaceX mission “Inspiration4”, the first space mission with a crew of only four private citizens without any previous astronaut training, started in the Italian night. For the next three days, the four “civilians” aboard the Crew Dragon will travel in low earth orbit, flying over 90% of the inhabited land of planet Earth

The Insiration4 space mission, the first in the world entirely civilized by SpaceX, left at 8 pm (2 am in Italy). On board the Crew Dragon “Resilience” that now orbits over our heads, in fact, there are four people who have never carried out any specific training as an astronaut, other than that given by SpaceX in view of the mission. Of the four people on board, only one is a billionaire, the venture’s financier Jared Isaacman. The other three are “normal” people (at least by the standards that astronauts have accustomed us to): geoscientist Sian Proctor, engineer Christopher Sembroski and Dr. Hayley Arceneaux (the first person in space with a prosthesis). Each of the four crew members was assigned a call sign for communications during the mission: “Rook” for Isaacman, “Leo” for Proctor, “Nova” for Arcenaux and “Hanks” for Sembroski “Hanks”.

Inspiration4 has left Earth from Kennedy Space Center’s historic Launch Complex 39A, the embarkation point for the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions, and for the next three days it will travel overhead flying in low Earth orbit, possibly even higher. of the International Space Station (which is about 390 kilometers high). The four crew members were selected by SpaceX on the basis of four different human characteristics that well represent the spirit with which the earthlings are facing the future of space exploration: leadership, prosperity, generosity and hope.

The mission’s goal is completely new in the space exploration landscape: not scientific research but charity. In fact, the purpose of Inspiration4 is to raise 200 million in funds for childhood cancer research conducted by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the most advanced centers in the world. Anyone can somehow “finance” this space mission by sending their donation. Beyond the nice gesture, SpaceX revolutionizes space once again, no longer a frontier, but an absolutely familiar place for both those who leave and those who remain on the ground, which can feel much more involved in the new space age of humanity than it is. it could do so earlier with missions run by state space agencies.

17 august ’82: The first compact disc for commercial use was produced at a Philips factory in Hanover, Germany;

the CD in question was the musical album The Visitors by the Swedish group ABBA.

Its genesis is due to the research, by the world of telephony, of an efficient system for multiplying information, through the digitization and simplification of signals. The joint application of the binary numerical system and the laser to sound gave birth to the compact disc.

In the early years the project was initially followed by a joint venture between DuPont and Philips. DuPont could boast an enormous experience in polycarbonate (invented in 1928 by DuPont itself) and a strong presence in the Netherlands with a chemical installation in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam

Preliminary studies revealed that the development of the CD would allow the creation of a disc with a capacity of over 600 MB of data and probably over an hour of music in digital format. This did not impress DuPont managers due to the huge investments required: taking into account that personal computers at the time had 64 KB to 4 MB memories and 20 MB hard drives, the capacity of the new medium would have been exaggerated in comparison to the real needs era. Even for music it was unthinkable that the whole world would replace turntables and recorders with the new, very expensive optical disc players (and in fact this did not happen on a mass level until the 1980s). DuPont management rejected the project and therefore asked Philips to continue on its own, thus forcing it to seek other alliances for the development of support.

On August 17, 1982 the first CD for commercial use was produced in a Philips factory in Hanover in Germany: Richard Strauss’s Symphony of the Alps conducted by Herbert von Karajan with the Berliner Philharmoniker. The first pop album to be printed on the new medium was The Visitors of the Swedish group ABBA, but the first to be released was Billy Joel’s 52nd Street, released on October 1, 1982 in Japan together with the player.

The first CD to exceed one million copies sold was Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms album in 1985

1st March:

We hope that this month is better than February and January which have brought many problems, mainly Coronavirus, which in Italy has now infected more than a thousand people, paralyzing the country and leading to great economic losses. March is called crazy. March 8 will be women’s day and March 19 Father’s day. The Formula 1 championship will begin on Sunday 15th and the spring equinox on the 20th. In addition, the 29th of March will change to summer time.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X: the first 64-core desktop CPU

It is the first processor for desktop systems with 64 cores inside and represents the fastest currently available on the market. However, it requires applications that are able to take advantage of the high number of cores present to give the best. It is therefore not for everyone, starting from the price: 3,999 dollars!


The Ryzen Threadripper family of processors debuted on the market with the first versions in the summer of 2017, representing a radical novelty compared to what AMD previously offered. For the first time, in fact, the American company has been able to offer a product intended specifically for the field of HEDT systems, High-End Desktop, putting itself in direct contrast with the range of Intel solutions of the Core-X series.


In the comparison between the two families of Intel and AMD HEDT CPUs, some differences immediately became clear: AMD aimed to offer a higher number of cores, clearly evident with the transition to the number of 32 in the debut of the second generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs , while Intel has benefited from higher clock rates and superior single-core efficiency. The particular architecture of the first two generations of Ryzen Threadripper processor, borrowed directly from the EPYC proposals for datacenters, also represented a limit with those applications highly dependent on the latency of access to system memory.


However, everything has changed with the debut of the third generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors, based on Zen 2 architecture and built with 7 nanometer production technology, which took place last November. AMD presented two models, equipped with 24 and 32 core architecture respectively, anticipating the debut of a third version capable of offering 64 internal cores.

The New year in the world


The New Year is celebrated all over the world, or rather all over the world that has the Gregorian calendar, that is mainly the Christian one. For example, in some eastern countries such as China, New Year is celebrated on 25th January. The Jews instead celebrate the New Year generally in September.
The Islamic New Year is celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram and can correspond to any period of the Gregorian year, because the lunar year used in the Islamic calendar is approximately 11 days shorter than the calendar year of the Gregorian calendar, so that an Islamic date “moves” back, compared to the Gregorian calendar, by about a month every three years.

However, the New Year on the Gregorian calendar is celebrated with fireworks all over the world, although fireworks are a delicate theme every year, because there are always accidents. Due to the time zone, the New Year begins earlier in some countries. The first to celebrate will be the inhabitants of Kiritimati instead the last will be those of the American Samoe Islands.

Using cell phones since the 2000s, I can compare the difference with the present day. At one time during midnight the lines were clogged and it was difficult even to send a simple text message. Today, however, the telephone lines hold up well because everyone constantly uses the internet.

Today is a public holiday, and most countries celebrate the motherhood of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Despite this, one of the things that surprised me is that England is one of the few countries where the football matches takes place in New Year. Infact, The Brighton-Chelsea match was played today.

Welcome December

Illustration of Schulz [Peanuts]

How many of you will spend Christmas away from your family? Many of you will spend it with your relatives. Very few instead away from home. The saying says: “At Christmas with your (parents) and at Easter with the people you want”.

When December starts the countdown for Christmas and New Year’s event starts automatically.

The days are short and the sky darkens early. The cold forces us to wear sweaters and coats, and when we walk around the shops, the windows are gorgeous.

I have always wanted to spend a Christmas away from home, and therefore far from everything that characterizes the Christmas holidays: money, gifts, consumerism, food etc …

Christmas is increasingly synonymous with consumerism but I don’t know if it is synonymous with happiness. I admire those people who volunteer on Christmas and later, delivering gifts on the streets or assisting Needy Children.