Jennifer lopez drives me crazy

Today, the social media went crazy at the news that in the interval of the next NFL final Jennifer Lopez and shakira will do a show together. In the Super Bowl interval show, the final of the American football championship, one of the most anticipated and followed sporting events of the year: the next will … Continue reading Jennifer lopez drives me crazy

Italian Football: serieA begins!

BEGINNING Sunday 25/08/2019 INFRASED WEEKLY ROUNDS Wednesday 25/09/2019 Wednesday 10/30/2019 Wednesday 22/04/2020   STOPS Sunday 08/09/2019 national team competitions Sunday 13/10/2019 national team competitions Sunday 17/11/2019 national team competitions Sunday, 12/29/2019 Christmas holiday break   Serie A calendar: start, stop and end BEGINNING OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP: August 25th 2019 CHRISTMAS STOP: December 22nd 2019 - … Continue reading Italian Football: serieA begins!