The struggle of the Italian Premier CONTE in Europe that does not exist …


Inequalities and disagreements continue within the European Union. In recent days there have been many summits among the heads of state, who have discussed the 2021-2027 budget with which the post-pandemic recovery fund, the famous recovery fund, is associated.
The Italian Premier Conte has repeatedly expressed his dissent towards the heads of state that put countries like Italy in check. It has been a long time since Italy has had such a prominent Premier, which imposes itself in Europe with authority, but also with demeanor and diplomacy. In particular, what recriminates Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is that countries like Holland (Denmark, Belgium, etc ..) that have few inhabitants, manage to impose decision-making power disproportionate to their size. This obviously undermines the whole balance of the European union. In fact, the Nordic (and Scandinavian) countries have always been long-lived in the state budgets and the state saving fund is obviously different from state to state …
It is increasingly a Europe that does not exist.
I think this premier is the last hope to fix policies within the continent, which has never existed for integrity and community policies …

The new Italian government formed after the crisis

The President Mattarella and The Premier Conte


After the government crisis in which Italian Prime Minister Conte resigned, a new government was formed. The M5S, that in the elections of March 4 2019 was the most voted party (35%) but did not reach an absolute majority in order to govern alone, made an alliance with the Democratic party.

For many it was a political betrayal because until a few days before the M5S ruled with the right (Lega). Also for years the M5S and the PD have been insulted, especially after the Bibbiano scandals, which revealed the Democratic Party politicians in criminal cases concerning children.

The truth is that both the M5S and the PD wanted to avoid the elections because the polls gave both parties a sharp decline in favor of the Lega that have double the consensus: from 18% to 36%.

It is difficult to think that this government can last for all legislation because the parties that have joined together have very few things in common. Among the political issues of confrontation, there will almost certainly be immigration, which has been gripping the whole country for decades.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, was one of the few in fact to fight against illegal immigration that happens with the boats that land in the ports of the Italian coasts. This policy has led Salvini to have more enemies than friends in Italy and in Europe, where strangely a solidarity policy applies. Italy is objectively the country most penalized in illegal immigration and every year it suffers tens of thousands of landings of irregular migrants.

Despite the fact that Germany is the most hospitable to migrants, Italy is the country that hosts the most irregular immigrants.
In Germany there are precise rules and crossing German borders without documents there are very severe penalties.

Giuseppe Conte was again chosen for the new government, despite the disagreement of some members of the Left (Democratic Party). In fact, Giuseppe Conte held a diplomatic relationship with the rest of Europe during the first year of government (with the League), earning the respect of the EU and also of US President Donald Trump, who recently has expressed sympathy for him in a tweet, wishing him to lead the country.

The Italian markets and exchanges reacted quite well, except for a few days when it was thought that the agreement between the PD and M5S was not successful. Particularly when in a day of consultations among the various parties, Luigi Di Maio, leader of the M5S, raised the tone dictating the conditions of the agreement and making to fear a lacked agreement.

Regarding the government agreement, all members of the five-star movement through the Rousseau platform also expressed their opinion. Voting was definitely in favor of the agreement with 79%. The vote was however criticized by the right-wing parties, including the Lega, because they believe it is unfair that 70000 members of the M5S can decide for millions of Italians.

Although the agreement made with the PD remained the M5S as a traitor to the values ​​of coherence and position, uniting both with the right and then with the left in the same legislature reinforces that it was a workhorse of the movement: not to be right and left but go only against the system. Many dislike the agreement because the movement was born as a party for the protest vote against the corruption of caste and politics.

Early voting was very difficult to do because a government’s 1-year duration is very short, and indeed even the President of the Republic wanted the agreement between the left and the M5S, provided, however, that the parties presented political guidelines to be implemented together.

Italian Government: Prime Minister Conte resigns


During the meeting held in the Senate Giuseppe Conte harshly criticized Matteo Salvini in his speech and announced his resignation after his speech.

Matteo Salvini, deputy premier and interior minister, responded during his speech that he has no regrets about everything he did in the 14 months of the yellow-green government.

During the last few months, however, something has broken and the agreement with the Lega (Salvini) and  M5S (Luigi Di Maio) has not worked anymore.

However, each party accuses the other of treason the irrefutable truth is that of Matteo Salvini and the league wanted to create the crisis to go to the elections because the polls give it to almost 40% when instead at the beginning of the legislature it arrived with difficulty at 20%.

The construction of the TAV (high speed train) that could connect Italy (Piedmont) with France (Lyon) has been repeatedly rejected by the five-star movement. The Lega used this disagreement as a pretext to break the coalition.

During these months of government many concrete things have been done such as the 100 share for the pension, the income of citizenship and the security decree that in addition to favoring the legitimate defense puts many restrictions on the landing of migrants, a very real topic, to which the Italy probably never gave the right weight, although it was always penalized geographically.

The fight against illegal immigration is a workhorse of the Lega, and on which it has gained many of the current consents.

We still don’t know how the future will evolve but the certainty is that in the autumn there will be elections. The M5S could ally with the PD and this could imply a fundamental role on the new political lines.

Repubblica: il quotidiano degli scandali (redazionali)

Repubblica ha pubblicato sul quotidiano del 7 Ottobre alcune notizie giornalistiche secondo le quali l’attuale Premier Giuseppe Conte avrebbe preso la cattedra di professore ordinario in modo non lecito.

Una notizia che ha fatto scalpitare molti per le critiche, a partire dall’ex premier Matteo Renzi, che dell’onesta ne fa una vera e propria bandiera soltanto quanto il vento gira a favore, considerando che quando uscivano gli scandali delle banche e dei pregiudicati all’interno del partito dovevano stare tutti in attesa della magistratura

Come se non bastasse oggi riporta anche le carte degli stupri (ipotetici) di Cristiano Ronaldo, avvenuti in albergo di Las Vegas nel lontano 2009. Non sarebbe nulla se non per il fatto che la polizia non ha nessuna prova in mano e sembrebbe che le poche “prove” che c’erano siano addirittura scomparse.

Insomma un quotidiano che si sostituisce persino alla polizia statunitense.