The first floating city in the world will be built on the Maldives Islands, hosting 20,000 inhabitants.

It will be called Maldives Floating City will have a coral shape and will be completed by 2027, but some residents will start moving as early as 2024. The project, created by real estate developer Dutch Docklands and the Maldives government, has a much more useful and profound goal. compared to that of the simple futuristic experiment.

Maldives: a floating city to combat rising waters
In detail, the area where the Maldives archipelago rises – made up of 1,190 low islands – is among the most exposed and vulnerable to climate change. Consequently, the construction of a large floating city is conceived as a “must-have” and practical solution to combat rising ocean water levels.

“This project can demonstrate that there are affordable housing, large communities and normal cities on the water that are also safe. They (the Maldivians) will move from climate refugees to climate innovators,” Koen Olthuis, founder of Waterstudio, told CNN. .

Inside the floating island will be built houses, schools and shops that will be fixed by stabilizers that support it against the waves while keeping the buildings and structures safe against the current.

Incredible: Cristiano Ronaldo’s manchester united loses 5-0 to liverpool

A rampant result at Liverpool’s Old Trafford, which effectively ousted Manchester United from the championship fight and regained second position (-1 from leaders Chelsea) against City. Not even 5 minutes of play and the Reds are already ahead: Milner’s filter for Salah who serves Keita centrally, good at getting in behind Shaw and chilling De Gea with an unstoppable low shot. Question and answer between 9 ‘and 11’: first Bruno Fernandes shoots sensationally high with his right face to face with Alisson, then Firmino’s left cross is blocked in two halves by De Gea. Anyway Diogo Jota thinks about signing the goal of doubling at 13 ‘: mess between Maguire and Shaw, Keita’s opening for Alexander-Arnold and cross that crosses the area and reaches the far post, where the Portuguese is very good at reiterating on the net in split. Cristiano Ronaldo is totally out of the game and can be seen in the 22nd minute, when a counterattack by the Red Devils ends with an imprecise conclusion from the star.

A violent blow from Greenwood forces Alisson to take a plastic flight. On the opposite front De Gea saves his team from the definitive capitulation, hypnotizing Salah in low output, but the Egyptian’s trio is postponed only at 38 ‘: Salah, Firmino and Diogo Jota talk in a handkerchief, then the opening for Keita who serves the number 11 for the crazy 0-3 at Old Trafford. With half-time almost upon us, there is also the time for Salah’s double all undisturbed at the suggestion of Diogo Jota. It is part of the second half and Salah goes for a hat-trick with a delicious touch below after Henderson’s deep throw. 0-5. It pours (it is appropriate to say) in the wet for United: after the goal of the flag canceled to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Var also intervenes on the occasion of the direct red waved then to Pogba, entered the field in the interval, for a bad foul on Keita. In short, patterns and nerves are completely blown and the Red Devils sink to -8 from the top of the standings.

According to reports from The Mirror, Manchester United’s humiliating 5-0 defeat against Liverpool would represent a conviction for Solksjaer who now risks more and more sacking. According to the tabloid, there are three coaches competing for the Red Devils’ bench: the two former Juventus players Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane, as well as Brendan Rodgers.

The monstrous goal of Cristiano Ronaldo against the Sampdoria.


Have you seen Ronaldo’s last goal? Yesterday, 18th December, Juve played against Sampdoria and won with two splendid goals from Dybala and Ronaldo. In particular, Ronaldo’s goal was monstrous in technique and athletic level. CR7 hit the head ball with an incredible elevation remaining suspended for an infinite time. Cristiano Ronaldo has accustomed us to similar goals, with enormous elevations, but this goal seemed to be from another planet. One of the best goals in football.