Champions League: Juve beat Malmoe 3-0

Juventus wins 3-0 in Malmoe while finishing 2-2 between Villarreal and Atalanta 2-2 (The picture of the matches) Bayern wins 3-0 in Barcelona with a brace from Lewandowski. Lukaku signs Chelsea’s success. Cr7 is not enough, Manchester United knocked out in Bern

The Champions League cures the ills of Juve: the bianconeri find game and victory again, in Sweden they finish 3-0 for Allegri’s boys.

It is the technician’s first success in the official match since he returned to the Mole, in Malmoe the goals of Alex Sandro, Dybala (penalty) and Morata, all scored in the first half, are decisive. An excellent response after the disastrous start in the league, now we must also confirm in Serie A against tougher opponents than the modest Swedes. There is a fact that can above all satisfy: six months and 17 games in a row later, Juve’s goal goes back to being clean. And Szczesny, in the crosshairs of fierce criticism for the recent blunders, manages to smile. “When you play in the Champions League there is always concern and expectation. An away debut, after the results not arrived in the league, causes a little more pressure. The boys, however, played a good game on a technical level, even if in the first half we could make better use of some situations. We need to improve. ” So Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus coach, speaking to Mediaset after the victory in Malmoe in the Champions League. “The results affect the judgment, but you have to be good at maintaining balance, both in defeats, but above all in victories. Not conceding a goal is a good sign. I asked the boys to finish the game without conceding a goal, because that too it helps and relieves you of anxiety. Szczesny played a good game, equal to his value. It was important to win, now let’s think about the next game. It was important to win, otherwise the streak got too long. The mental aspect is 90% in all you work even more in football. When you leave points in the league, as we did, playing badly at times, but with single mistakes in the matches we had in hand, it makes you see things in a negative way. You have to distinguish the result from the performance”.

Cristiano Ronaldo says goodbye to Juventus, the Portuguese signs for Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo says goodbye to Juventus. The Portuguese returns to where it all began, Cristiano Ronaldo is a Manchester United player. Now it’s official.

To announce it are the Red Devils on their Twitter profile.

«WELCOME HOME». With these words Manchester United announced that they had closed the operation to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford, where the Portuguese champion played from 2003 to 2009 before being sold to Real Madrid. This is how Ronaldo’s experience at Juventus officially ends after 3 years. According to reports from the authoritative Spanish sports daily Marca, Ronaldo has signed a two-year contract until 2023 while Juventus should receive from the English club a sum of between 25 and 30 million euros in order to avoid having to record a loss in the balance sheet.

The deal is subject to the signing of the contract with the player and the passing of medical examinations. Ronaldo returns to United after his first adventure between 2003 and 2009. Pending official details, United would have offered 28 million euros to Juventus: the figure would allow the Juventus club not to budget for a loss.

The 37-year-old Portuguese, out of Juve, exploded into football that counts precisely with United from 2003 to 2009: winning the 2007-08 Champions League, the 2008 Club World Cup, as well as three Premier Leagues, a Cup of England, a Community Shield and twice the League Cup, with the Ballon d’Or and the Fifa World Player 2008, a title of top scorer in the Premier and one in the Champions League.

CR7 defeats Inter in the first leg semi-final of the Italian Cup

Yesterday’s game was very enjoyable. After the first minutes of the first half, in which Juventus suffered a bit from the pressing and the forays of the Inter, suffering the goal of the momentary disadvantage, there was a good match for the black-white team. The draw, however, was achieved by a penalty, which although it was difficult to evaluate it on the var-cam, objectively seemed a penalty foul. CR7 turned the penalty without problems. The second goal, however, is noteworthy: the Juventus champion managed with cunning to recover a lost ball trivially from the defender, about to pass it to the goalkeeper. Not a global goal but still spectacular. As a fan I am obviously happy to see these performances, but as always I hope in European competitions, that is the Champions League, which we have not won for decades!

CR7 and Juve stretch Barça: 3-0!

Yesterday Juventus achieved a historic victory against Barcelona: 3-0 at the Camp Nou. Although the Catalan team has returned from a series of problems, which are evident above all from the position in the rear in the Spanish league, Juve have shown a good incisive game. Two goals came from a penalty but Juve still created a myriad of scoring chances.
The game was not very tense, because both teams were qualified; at stake was only the first place of the group which allows you to face the second of another gironen that generally (not always) is weaker.

This victory also represents the probable beginning of a new cycle that Pirlo particularly hopes for, but above all it is the hope for a victory in the Champions League that has been missing for too many years and lost many times in the final. The first part of this season highlighted Morata's great form, which probably few expected. This is a good sign because in my opinion, despite the presence of the extra-terrestrial Ronaldo, the attack has always struggled, especially with the European teams.

Champions League round of 16 draw


On Monday 16th the draws for the Champions League knockout rounds took place in Nyon (Switzerland), in addition to those of the Europa League. For the champions there were some very interesting draws in terms of clashes between teams.

The most balanced matches are: Chelsea-Bayern, Atletico-Liverpool, RealMadrid-ManchesterCity, on which it is difficult to make a prediction.

Probably the team that had the most favorable (lucky) draw was Juventus who will play Lyon. Even Tottenham was lucky, meeting Leipzig, which on paper is perhaps even easier than Lyon. Barcelona will meet Napoli, which although it is a difficult team, is certainly not a big danger. The atalanta, the Italian team that for the first time arrived in the Champions League and even in the round of 16, will meet Valencia. This will be a very interesting game. In theory, Valencia is favored which, as is the case in Spanish tradition, will be very difficult, but it is not certain that it will win.

The favorite teams for the Champions League final victory are surely Manchester City and Barcelona. Real and Juve have a good chance, in addition to PSG. The other teams will have a hard life.

Juve beats the atletico Madrid with a monstrous goal from Dybala


Last night Juventus beat the atletico madrid with an extraordinary dybala goal. He pulled a free kick in a very angular position with respect to the goal. The goalkeeper could do little, obviously because he did not expect a shot from that position by the Argentine footballer. Once again Dybala is confirmed as the leader of the team, at a time when Cristiano Ronaldo is in a state of decline. Despite the fact CR7 signs in the National team, in Juventus it seems that you find some difficulties. This year, however, compared to last year when Allegri was there, the team seems less dependent on Ronaldo. And maybe it’s good because this year in addition to Dybala there is also Higuain, who has already scored some goals in Serie A.

Dyabal however in this game did not make a feat in the goal but also in some moments of play. Incapacitated twice, the Argentine footballer stopped the ball in a masterly manner, gaining the applause of the team-mates who were on the bench, and also the ovation of the entire stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo makes peace with Sarri?

Cristiano Ronaldo in the last League game against Milan, is replaced by Dybala (who scored the winning goal) and while CR7 leaves the field he whispers a lip against coach Sarri.

In the last match of the Italian Caldio Championship, we saw CR7 clearly opposed to the replacement decided by coach Sarri. After a few days, C. Ronaldo was called by the national team for two valid matches for the 2020 European qualifiers.

In the first match against Lithuania, won 6-0, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick.

Instead in the second match against Luxembourg, beaten 2-0, he scored a goal, contributing both to the victory of the national team and to the qualification for the Europeans. In fact these were the last games scheduled.

Although Ronaldo after the two victories with the National team has admitted that he was annoyed by the replacement, it is not really known if he made an apology to the Coach. Many argue that this episode could lead to a case of conflict between the champion and the coach. Also some have leaked the news that if Juventus fails to win the Champions League, Ronaldo could leave Juve at the end of the season. Obviously this is now only a rumor, but undoubtedly it is not surprising if Ronaldo’s ambitions are those of European prestige, especially given the fact that the champion has never lost his rivalry with Messi, the eternal rival! It should be noted, however, that Juventus bought Ronaldo last year just to win the champions league, which remains a primary goal, especially for the many finals lost in recent decades.

This year the game does not seem to shine. Except in one of the last Champions League games in which Douglas Costa has made an exceptional triangulation, one of the most beautiful actions of the last few years, there isn’t much of a game at the moment and it is hoped that the team is in a growing phase.

1° November – The Birthday Juventus Club


Today, November 1st, is the birthday of Juventus. The most successful Italian team in Italy, and one of the best known in the world, is 122 years old.

With the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo, the reputation of the Club has probably increased. The primary objective remains the victory of the Champions League, which has been lost numerous times in the final …
The coincidence is that on November 1st Umberto Agnelli was born, a well-known sports director of the Agnelli Family.

Tomorrow there will also be a derby with Torino. Instead, Wednesday the first match will be played for the return of the Champions League group.

This year with coach Sarri you still can’t see a good game. Despite Juve being first in the standings, some victories came with difficulty. Furthermore, the draw with Atletico Madrid has again revealed doubts about the defense … It is hoped that the team has planned an athletic preparation to make the best in the second half of the season and that is after the beginning of 2020.

L’allenatore giusto per la Juve…


Dopo l’addio di Allegri la scelta al nuovo allenatore della Juventus ha scatenato un vero e proprio tormentone nel cacciare il degno successore. Si sono fatti molti nomi in questi giorni: Simone Inzaghi, Pochettino, Deshamps, Sarri, Guardiola. Quest’ultimo sembra il successore più accreditato. Infatti secondo un indiscrezione dell’AGI (agenzia di stampa) Guardiola avrebbe già deciso e firmerebbe il 4 giugno.

Indipendentemente se la Juventus abbia già deciso o no il successore, Guardiola, vincitore della Premier League con il Manchester City è per molti l’allenatore giusto. Infatti dopo aver speso centinaia di milioni di euro per prendere Ronaldo vale la pena prendere anche un Allenatore che sappia costruire una squadra vincente e semmai iniziare un nuovo ciclo di vittorie, sperando di vincere questa benedetta Champions League…

LA NOTTE MAGICA DELLA JUVE: sperando che la gente non si ricordi di essere tifosa solo dopo i miracoli sportivi…

Juve Atletico
Cristiano Ronaldo con la sua esultanza (simile a quella di Diego Simeone) dopo il Gol contro l’Atletico Madrid

Dopo una nottata magica passata davanti alla TV con Sky di casa sono andato a dormire soddisfatto di un impresa miracolosa della Juve con una rimonta difficilissima.

Grazie alla tripletta di Ronaldo la Juve accede ai quarti di finale, dove si spera questa volta abbia un sorteggio più fortunato… considerando che l’Atletico era una delle squadre più forti.

Oggi a ora di pranzo sono andato all’edicola del centro e TUTTI I QUOTIDIANI SPORTIVI ERANO FINITI. Mi domando: ma la gente si ricorda di essere tifosa solo quando vince la squadra e compie questi miracoli? Anche io compro il giornale in occasioni speciali… ma assistere alla pubblicazione dei post su whatsapp di gente che consideri morta sportivamente è allucinante.

Ad ogni modo si è assistito a una conversione planetaria della gente verso la squadra bianconera. Infatti vedendo i tanti video pubblicati su youtube sulle azioni più salienti della partita ho visualizzato centinai di commenti che elogiavano CR7 e la squadra che hanno cominciato a simpatizzare per entrambi…

Una cosa è certa: CR7 si dimostra molto più forte di Messi perché fare imprese di questo genere con squadre italiane e dir poco difficile se confrontate con gli altri campionati, dove le partite e il gioco è molto più semplice.

Aldilà dell’esito della Champions (che io spero nel migliore dei modi…) è stata una Notte Magica!!!