hanging out the dirty laundry…

There are various sayings and idioms in various languages ​​and cultures about drying laundry …
In Italian in particular, the saying is a little different: it is said “wash the clothes in the family” …
In any case, the sense of the drawing of the brilliant Pawel Kuczysnki is to hang out the dirty clothes …
The network is a large community and social networks have various ways of setting the circle of people on which to share their content. In any case, sharing is often like hanging out dirty clothes, especially when social media becomes a trivial means with which to communicate, because it becomes all superficial and devoid of any knowledge.

war also decides the dawn of darkness …

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

There are bright ages and there are dark ages. Although the cycle of life is made up of the alternation of sunlight, in some periods it seems that the sun never rises. And when there are wars in between, it is always in the dark and freedom seems so suppressed that not even the sun gives that hope ..
what is freedom? It is being able to do what I want while respecting the freedom of the other. But if my concept of freedom is different, the system of society becomes utopian. The 3rd millennium is characterized by having exported democracy to exasperation leading it almost to a democratic dictatorship. Paradoxically, although China has nothing to do with most of the wars that have taken place in recent years, it nevertheless identifies the concept of democratic dictatorship at its perfection.

The ruts of war

Illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

The furrows of war are dug by the plow, the means by which one sows to collect food … but they are defended by soldiers who are often forced to make war.

Sometimes, however, wars that only sow hatred or those that are waged for the pleasure of expanding their borders do not bear any fruit.

The boundaries of the world are often established in eras when communications did not allow for the current globalization.

But to make a war it often takes either the pinnacle of domination or absolute hunger. A country with moderate approval is not tempted to make war because it could fall into a much worse condition than it is

borders [of wars]

illustration of pawel kuczysnki

The borders of the states and therefore of the world are made (obviously) by wars. But as often happens, every war is fought by a force different from the other which, depending on the intensity, duration, etc … lays bare the nature of man …

The game of war (and peace)

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

This design is very contextualized in this period, in which the USA is withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, after decades of wars and domination of the territory, and the Taliban are preparing to conquer the capital! Will there still be the danger of terrorism and attacks?

Some children play with war toys in a imaginary world; in the future, some of them will play with peace toys in their imaginary world.

War or peace. Both are learned behavior. What will you teach yours?

Freedom always has a price: the cost of a compromise of a constraint…

Illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

Freedom always has a price and this price is always the compromise of an alley which means that freedom is almost never unavailable.

This year, after the dramatic year of 2020, everyone hopes to resume social life and therefore also leisure, first of all the sacrosanct summer holidays, which are the crucial moment to recharge the batteries after a year of work or whatever after. a winter year ….

In order for you to understand my diffidence about some that don’t work, I will list in the form of a list the things that people probably overlook.

01] Medicine is a science, but an inexact science (unlike mathematics and physics instead)

02] To make a vaccine (serious and effective) it takes years, if not decades.

03] The vaccine has a limited duration (on average about 10 months) and few have highlighted this.

04] The vaccine has a lower efficacy than the variants

05] The uncertainty regarding the variants could jeopardize the entire trend of the global pandemic. If a variant emerges that unhinges all vaccines, all efforts will be thwarted (at least in the long term)

06] Vaccination decreases the transmissibility of the virus but implies its mutation if a lightning-fast vaccination campaign is not carried out

07] If the vaccine has a duration of 10 months it must be taken into account that even more than one vaccination cycle (no dose)

08] We must not only consider the (side) effects that could be had in the immediate or short term, but also those in the long term, especially if you are forced to do more than one course of vaccine

09] In Italy they are carrying out a campaign to vaccinate even children with no need for the vaccine in any way, running the risk of 0%.

Our life also depends a lot on our privacy

illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

Facebook is certainly the social network that has suffered the most judicial and ethical storms regarding privacy and despite this it remains (inexplicably) the most widespread social network. What do people find in this social network? In addition to being a waste of time, it is also a time of privacy, not only for what people see but also for what Facebook society traces. Our data is the company’s greatest earnings that without them could not place advertising based on our historical visits on the web