Bitcoins arrive in Walmart stores! From today it will be possible to exchange crypto directly in ATMs

Bloomberg broke the news that Walmart offers the ability to buy Bitcoin in-store. A further impetus to the most well-known cryptocurrency in a moment of important growth in value, a few hours from the all-time high. That said, buying Bitcoin at ATMs is certainly not the cheapest, in fact, as Cointelegraph reports: “Bitcoin ATMs have an 11% surcharge, consisting of a 4% commission choice for the Bitcoin option, plus an additional commission. 7% for cash exchange “. Walmart, in collaboration with CoinMe, has launched a pilot project that will allow you to buy Bitcoin in Coinstar ATM situations within the American giant’s stores. Currently, 200 ATMs have been enabled to acquire BTC, but Walmart expects to reach 8,000 in the future.

El Salvador’s reckless move: bitcoin becomes official currency

The introduction of cryptocurrency as an official currency in Central America was desired by a sui generis president, a little Macron and a little Chavez. Salvadoran citizens, academics and international economic institutions do not approve of the decision On the same topic: The crazy dance of bitcoins Why do bankers flirt and demonize Bitcoin & Co. Cryptocurrencies have made the internet an insecure place.

Since Tuesday 7 September, El Salvador is the first country in the world to have bitcoin as its official currency, alongside the dollar. But immediately the value of the same bitcoin fell by 9 percent: the same figure that etherum, the second most quoted cryptocurrency, also fell at the same time. Bitcoin has been subject to fluctuations for quite a while, and for example, after reaching $ 64,000 in April, it plummeted in May. El Salvador has thus lost 2.7 million, but President Nayib Bukele assures us that there is no need to worry, because it was expected. In fact, it was precisely the purchase of 550 bitcoins between Monday and Tuesday by his government that caused prices to rise, and a decline after departure was, according to him, physiological.

The social (and economic) policy of wars

Almost all wars are waged for interests, particularly political, social and geographical ones. But often there are also economic interests. The United States has always been criticated of waging war for economic gains. There is no doubt that almost all American wars have been waged to export democracy or even to suppress dictatorships. But behind these valid reasons there were also other interests, often not directly … but there were. After all, successful wars, in most cases, bring money.


Illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

Coffee can be easily prepared bythe conventional method on fire. But humans created a sophisticated humanoid for that. Somewhere it says ‘science towards destruction’.

Money in the left palm represents thelust for money, coffee represents madness for sensory gratification and the humanoidfor coffee machine depicts that for getting these two (money and sensory pleasure) humans are not at all hesitant to ruin nature.

Cryptocurrencies, China closes 90% of its mining operations. Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum are in sharp decline

Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum are in sharp decline
With the closure of 26 mining operations in the Sichuan region, China’s overall Bitcoin mining will be reduced by 90% and global mining by a third. The backlash on the market has already arrived.

China has decided to tighten cryptocurrencies to curb speculative trading, shutting down several mining operations in Sichuan province in southwest China, known to be the cradle of many miners. It is estimated that the closures will lead to a 90% reduction in Bitcoin mining in the Chinese area. Following this decision, the global cryptocurrency market showed signs of weakening which confirmed the downward trend.
China stops mining cryptocurrencies

Since June 20, many mining operations have been closed after local authorities ordered the mining of cryptocurrencies to be stopped. The decision follows that of the Chinese State Council which at the national level had expressed itself in May for the reduction of mining activities with these words: “Bitcoin mining and its commercial practices must be repressed and the transmission of individual risks to the sector must be prevented. social.” China has therefore expressed concern about the speculative trading of cryptocurrencies that could contaminate and be a risk for the real economy.

The notice issued by the Sichuan authorities on Friday leaves no room for doubt about the toughness to be applied to cryptocurrencies, as it has ordered local electricity companies to “check, finish and reclaim” the 26 reported mining activities by Sunday.

Chinese miners had already been hit in the northern areas of the nation and with the closure of those of Sichuan, in the southwest, it is expected that bitcoin mining will be closed for a total of 90%.

How to make money on the internet

Internet Money


In 2019 there are many ways to make money on the internet.

But if one thinks he can easily make mistakes he is wrong. Making money is never easy.

Nowadays everyone uses the internet and the opportunities have increased, but the competition has increased.

There are many ways to open an internet business.

Among the best known are those

  • bloggers
  • youtube

These are the most popular ways and, probably for many, even the simplest way.


To become a youtuber it’s easy you have to open a channel on youtube and try to have more views possible. To start monetization you need to have 1000 followers and 4000 hours of views.
The revenue comes from Google advertising that you will have to activate through google adsense.


That of the blogger is perhaps one of the oldest and most well-known but probably less simple ways of making youtuber simple. You will have to try to make quality articles that attract readers’ interest.

Here too, the revenue comes from advertising, but you can choose which advertising to insert. Google Adsense remains the most profitable. But you can also enter wordADS if you are using wordpress. Joomla, drupal, magento.
The best known and perhaps the most practical is undoubtedly wordpress.


> WordPress

you have two ways to use wordpress. The first way is simpler and consists of using the platform that gives some functions and tools. The second is more complicated but it is also more fruitful for visits and consists in downloading wordpress and uploading it to a host (website), purchased separately. In this second way you can install plug-ins and themes that will be used to increase SEO (site visibility in search engines like Google …)



Many prefer instagram to earn. I think it’s a very difficult way, although instagram is a very powerful medium. On instagram you need to post sponsored posts from third parties: Shoutcart, FohrCard, Grapevine, indaHash.

other influncer

Instragram, like other social media, are very useful only for big established influencers for which I do not recommend any other social media, except facebook for those who want to publish viral videos ..



The professional method but also the most difficult. You must sell your professional service that you carry out easily. Among the most famous sites there is:  But there are lots of other sites that you can look for so google depending on your profession. The difficult thing in this business is to build a good reputation with reviews and feedback from previous work, so you can be easily contacted.


Perhaps the most classic but not trivial method is to sell their products online by displaying them on their own website. The fundamental things in this area are to create a good showcase (and therefore a good website) and advertise (at least at the beginning) your site to create an audience and a brand.


WEB MARKETING (products made with 3D printers)

The cost of 3D printers has dropped considerably and this has allowed many people to produce plastic objects with the most varied utilities. With 3D printers you can do everything: from prostheses to weapons … Obviously to create a marketing you always need a good website where to sell your stuff, even if amazon also allows retailers to insert their products ..