FCC sanctioned TikTok: “Apple and Google remove it from stores”

The Federal Communications Commission of the United States of America sent a notice to Apple and Google in recent days asking them to remove the TikTok app from their stores due to its data management practices that are not exactly transparent.

FCC commissioner Brendan Carr sent the request to the two Silicon Valley giants after it emerged, thanks to a BuzzFeed News investigation, that TikTok staff in China had the ability to access US user data despite the company statements indicated otherwise.

“As you know, TikTok is an app available to millions of Americans via your app stores and collects vast amounts of sensitive data about US users. TikTok is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party and which responds to Chinese law by complying with government surveillance demands, “wrote Carr in a letter addressed to Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook, the two CEOs of Google and Apple.

“It is clear that TikTok poses an unacceptable risk to national security due to the vast amount of data it collects coupled with Beijing’s seemingly uncontrolled access to that sensitive data,” the FCC commissioner specified, according to TechCrunch.

It is not new that concerns are raised about the confidentiality of information collected by TikTok, which in the past has repeatedly replied that US user data is stored in the US and not in China. However, according to BuzzFeed News, TikTok staff in China had access to US user data as late as January of this year.

BuzzFeed’s claim is in contrast to a sworn testimony a TikTok executive gave in a US Senate hearing in October last year, stating then that it is “a renowned security team. based in the United States “to decide who can gain access to US user data.

TikTok’s response to BuzzFeed’s response was not long in coming: the company said it currently uses servers located in the US and Singapore for backup, but plans to delete US users’ private data from datacenters in the future ( in China) and fully switch to Oracle’s cloud servers located in the US. The company also stated that it is working to make operational changes and to set up a US-based department that can exclusively manage US user data.

Instagram changes everything: ” Favorites ” and ” Followed ” arrive!

In the coming days there will be a revolution on Instagram, the social media par excellence. The feed, that is the screen that includes to see the sections and the contents, will come alive with two new ones that will allow users to better follow the contents and above all customize and all have greater control of the whole experience. Here come Favorites and Followed, two new options to choose what to see in the feed.

Instagram: ” Favorites ” and ” Followers ” arrive
Instagram said it dares to want all people the ability to personalize their Instagram experience even more and make it easy for them to find the most interesting content. And this is so because with the two new sections it will be possible to have a better and more precise view of your feed.

In the meantime, know that the Instagram feed is a mix of photos and videos of the people followed, of suggested posts and more. Instagram has always worked to add more suggested posts based on interests, but in fact the new Favorites and Followed choices are a new way to discover the most recent posts of the people we follow.

By choosing the “Favorites” mode, the most recent posts of the profiles added in a previously created list will be shown, such as best friends or favorite creators. Additionally, Favorites account posts will appear higher in the traditional feed as well.

By choosing the “Followed” mode, however, the posts of the people we follow will be shown. Both the Favorites and the Followed modes will show the posts in chronological order, so you can always stay up to date on the latest news of the accounts that interest us most.

To choose between the two, just tap the Instagram logo in the top left mode and choose which one to view.

How the favorites list works
To see the most recent posts from profiles added to your favorites list, just select “Favorites”. Up to 50 accounts can be added to the list and changes can be made at any time. People will not be notified when they are added or removed from this list. The posts of the profiles in the Favorites list will also be displayed higher up in the home feed, in that of the “Followed” mode and will be identifiable by a star icon.

Social media (especially facebook) are thinking about new technologies: is the future the metaverse?

Perhaps to try to explain the concept in the simplest of ways, the best way is to somehow take up the explanation of whoever coined this new term, which in fact transforms the future into the present. The concept of the metaverse was introduced by Neal Stephenson, an acclaimed author of science fiction books. Speaking of this metaverse, a virtual universe in fact, the author means a real world of virtual reality. A virtual reality shared with other network users. Let’s talk about a transformation of the internet. If we now navigate in front of the screen, with the metaverse we enter the screen in virtual reality. And here it will be possible to meet our friends, take a trip using the resources of the network without ever leaving the desk, attend a virtual concert. Physically remaining seated in front of the PC but with our avatr able to move in the virtual world and interact with it. The key to the metaverse are glasses for augmented reality and objects of this type.

Last week, a rumor leaked that Facebook will change its name shortly to clean up its political image and to diversify services beyond social networks. Pending the conference in which the new name of the IT giant will be presented, information is emerging on what its interests will be in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg said he has repositioned some of the company’s teams to “make services for the young-adult audience our guiding star”. The comment from the CEO of Menlo Park came during a conference with the company’s shareholders, and should respond to the lack of interest of young people in Facebook and the decline in the time they spend on the social network. According to Zuckerberg, in fact, “Many of our services have been designed to be the best for all users who use them, and not just for teenagers and young people”.

The choice to shift the focus of Facebook from the general public to that of young people is due to very precise calculations: the company predicts that the growth of users among older people and among the elderly will be very slow in the coming years, but also which would become much faster if, instead of focusing on all age groups, social media preferred only younger users.

Facebook will change the name of its company

According to the well-known tech site The Verge, Facebook may announce next week that it will change the name of its parent company. The change should only concern the company nomenclature, not the products. Currently, both the famous social network and the company that controls it, and which also controls Instagram, WhatsApp and other services, are called “Facebook”: it would be the latter to change its name, while the social network will continue to be called Facebook.

The next name change, which Mark Zuckerberg could unveil during “Connect”, the annual conference scheduled for October 28th, seems to have a very specific and ambitious purpose. It’s time for Facebook to be known for more than social media (and all the evils that that entails). There is no doubt that with the rebrand, the blue Facebook app would become one of the company’s products such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus and others. And Zuckerberg would thus try to free the entire company from the social network which in the last period is a very random mix of joys and sorrows.

Trump launches his social network: it will be called TRUTH and will challenge Big Tech

Former US President Donald Trump unveiled the new social platform that was announced several months ago as an alternative to the social networks from which he was removed for his involvement in the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Congress. calls TRUTH Social (“truth” means “truth”), it will arrive next year and will replace the blog with which Trump had briefly returned to be heard online. In a statement released Wednesday, Trump said he created TRUTH Social “to oppose the tyranny of Big Tech companies” and “to fight them,” arguing that the goal of the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) – the company that has developed – both “to give a voice to everyone”. “We live in a world where the Taliban have a large presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American president has been silenced. This is unacceptable ».

After January 6, all the major social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, had suspended or blocked Trump’s profiles, accusing him of inciting their supporters to carry out the assault on Congress, where the certification was being certified. election victory of President Joe Biden. Trump had never acknowledged the defeat and according to the companies that manage the main social networks had violated the guidelines of the platforms, which prohibit sharing content that promotes violence and fake news.

Trump had also been subjected to an impeachment trial accused of fomenting the attack on Congress: then he was acquitted, thanks to the votes of the Republicans.

The first tests on TRUTH Social will be carried out in November and the platform will be ready by the first months of 2022; later it should also offer news, podcasts, entertainment programs and a subscription service for video on demand. The resources for its realization come from the merger between TMTG and another company, the Digital World Acquisition Corp, which in recent months has raised 294 million dollars from various investors (it is not said, however, that all investors will remain in the deal. , and Digital World’s equity may shrink).

4october ’21: WhatsApp, Facebook e Instagram down

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down Today 4 October 2021 all the major social platforms of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram seem to have serious problems in completing all the classic online uploading operations of the fundamental elements such as images or videos. There are tens of thousands of reports that are arriving. The problems seem to affect all three of Mark Zuckerberg’s platforms from the inability to send or receive multimedia messages on WhatsApp, to the inability to upload images or stories to Instagram. Obviously, on Twitter, the tide of messages from those wondering why this is happening immediately started, and many ironize about the malfunction just as usually happens in these cases since those who always use WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, open Twitter only if the first two don’t work. From the two social networks for the moment no news, no comments or explanations on what is happening

Zuckerberg thus celebrates American independence. The video on Instagram drives the web crazy!

Mark Zurkerberg, CEO and co-founder of Facebook, has decided to celebrate American independence in his own way. Yesterday, July 4, the American billionaire posted an extravagant and unusual video on his Instagram profile.

The clip posted on Instagram shows a happy Zukerberg juggling lake waters while waving the US flag above an electric surfboard. All this is crowned in the background by the famous soundtrack chosen by the CEO of Facebook: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

On Instagram, the video has already reached the beauty of 1.7 million views and over 8 thousand comments in a single day. In the caption Zuckerberg simply reports the phrase “Happy July 4th!”.

But it is on Twitter that users have given their best. The video also went viral on Jack Dorsey’s platform and was immediately a victim of memes and comments.

Zuckerberg’s post comes exactly a week after his company managed to dismiss two antitrust lawsuits for illicit monopoly in court. After the Facebook group’s victory, the company achieved a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion for the first time.

Fly headless (or out of your mind)


It is now known and certain that social networks decrease our concentration and therefore also the strength towards our study or the concentration on something that requires prolonged attention. So often our smartphones are the maximum expression of escape and sometimes the illusion of being able to fly, but without a head, that is, without the awareness that we often live in a virtual world
Doing without our smartphones is difficult because they have become an integral part of ourselves: google maps, facebook, photos, audio, etc … the best thing would be to make moderate use of them, but it is always difficult to do something by restoring their balance and far from the temptations of excess and above all from the freedom to browse ..

5G is coming…


Being able to download a movie in HD in just a few seconds is what will allow 5G, the new communication technology for mobile phones and internet networks. It is now a hyperconnected world: refrigerators will talk with intercoms, we will talk with the washing machine etc .. But will it be good? Some people argue that the 5G frequencies are bad, but for now no one is alarmed, in fact, they are all excited about the new technology. But I believe that a great deal of enthusiasm is due to personal and community interests.

The progress of time almost always implies technological progress but the latter does not lead to social progress. Much of the technology is misused. It is an infinite resource but could end up being harmful to many. It is a world that makes us believe we are in contact with everyone, but in reality it isolates us to the extent that we believe that our image or our activities on the web make us real.

I remember when I used my 56K internet and with my PC it took a few seconds to download the e-mails of a few lines … Speed ​​does not matter if the content we use does not make us better ..