The materials do not arrive at SEVEL in Val di Sangro

With the covid there was a significant reduction in raw materials, due to both the reduction in availability and the increase in cost. Now with the war in Ukraine, things are further complicated: Russia is one of the richest passes in raw materials, especially metal materials. A small local example is the interruption of production in Abruzzo.

Three more days of production stop at Sevel in Atessa (Chieti) due to the lack of material, specifically the ZF power plants to set up the Ducato van.

The working activity will be from 14.15 tomorrow, Friday 1st April, and until 5.45 am on Monday 4th April.

This was announced by the RSA of Uilm.

The production resumes, except for various other communications, on the first shift on Monday 4 April. The CKD department of the Bodywork works only partially. For this stop will be required the economic treatment of layoffs. The Sevel management also communicated to the unions that on Saturday 9 April, turn B, and Sunday 10, turn C, they will carry out the recovery of the previous stops.

Telegram could become paid for those who do not want to see advertising

Telegram will not become paid for everyone but only for those who want to avoid advertising that in the next period will also be introduced on the messaging system among the most used in the world. The already announced idea of ​​Pavel Durov, founder of the Telegram platform, is to allow those who want to use Telegram in a completely ” clean ” way without therefore any kind of advertising. For this there will be the ” Premium ” version which will clearly be paid and which will however allow you to have advantages in using the app.

Channel authors will be able to disable official advertisements in their channels for all users. Some channel creators would also like to “disable” ads in their channels. At the moment, as stated by the founder himself, Telegram is calculating the economic conditions for this option. Advertisers will soon be able to place an “invisible” ad in any channel that will not generate ads in that channel.

Singer Kelly Price not missing, still recovering COVID-19, attorney says

Famous gospel singer Kelly Price was safe Friday night after being reported missing in the Atlanta area where she lives, her lawyer said.

Monica Ewing said she didn’t think Price was missing, but that she had gone to a “quiet place” to recover after being recently discharged from the hospital where she was being treated for Covid-19.

“She is safe,” Ewing said. She was discharged from the hospital with Covid and went to a quiet place trying to recover.

The lawyer claimed that Price has overcome Covid-19, but she still needs to get all the strength of her to perform.

“She must rest and begin the journey back to health,” she said.

Sergeant Wayne Delek, of the Cobb County Police in Georgia, confirmed that Price was the subject of a missing person report, but said no details will be released, including who reported her missing.

The 48-year-old singer talked about her contract with Covid-19 on an Instagram Video device on July 29: “Last night I wasn’t feeling well… It came back to me that I had Covid…. I have a lot of pain. I have no appetite. I am so weak. I can barely stay awake … “

He said she was “praying this would pass quickly”.

TMZ First I said that the singer is missing.

Price has achieved many gospel hits. In 1998, her song “Friend of Mine” reached number one Airplay R&B Adult Chart on Billboard.

WhatsApp under indictment, chats are not as secret as Facebook says

Conversations on WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption, as are most of the shared items. However, according to a new long article written by ProPublica, not all messages exchanged on the client, now owned by Facebook, are safe from prying eyes. Facebook or third-party consultants hired by the company, in fact, can read some extracts of the conversations that take place on the platform.

The heavy accusation is brought by the source through a long article that reads how Facebook has been sponsoring for years the use of end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp as a fundamental tool to keep any data exchange that takes place on the service safe. Despite this, the company can gain access to certain parts of the conversation, and ProPublica can say this based on observations made of about a thousand firm’s contract consultants who have reviewed millions of data.
WhatsApp, the accusation: contractors paid to read parts of conversations

These contractors have access to a dedicated Facebook software that is used to monitor private messages on WhatsApp, images and videos, which have been reported by other users: “These contractors have the task of analyzing everything that is displayed on their screen – statements about anything like fraud, spam or child pornography, or even potential terrorist plots – in less than a minute, “an excerpt from the report reads.

It should be noted that the contractors do not have the possibility to read the conversations of the users in full, but only the last five lines of a one-to-one conversation that has been reported by one of the two participants. This modus operandi is also indicated on the client itself when trying to report a conversation as inappropriate. The workers contracted by Facebook to monitor WhatsApp conversations operate in Austin, Dublin, Singapore and Texas, and carry out the monitoring activity as the sole task for the giant of Menlo Park.

If on the one hand it is true that consultants paid by Facebook can access parts of the conversations, on the other hand it is also true that these are sensitive chats reported as inappropriate and potentially dangerous by users. This could clash with the “pro-privacy” narrative spread by Facebook regarding the fact that the company cannot in any way access the contents of the chats due to end-to-end encryption, but in this case the purpose is to make secure conversations for all users.

Carl Woog, communications director for WhatsApp, admitted that the different contractors also have the ability to identify and remove the “worst” abusers. The same monitoring is also done on Facebook and Instagram, since Artificial Intelligence alone cannot be 100% effective to protect the most defenseless users from inappropriate, dangerous or even annoying content.

Facebook promptly responded to the accusations made by ProPublica, and below is an excerpt from the note released:

"We have developed WhatsApp to limit the data we collect to obtain spam and threat prevention tools, thus being able to remove abusive users, even based on the reports we receive from users. This work requires extraordinary effort. from our security experts and the trusted teams we employ, who work tirelessly to help us provide the world with secure private communication. "

The company also specified that “based on the feedback received from users, we are sure that people understand that when a conversation is reported to us, we receive an extract from it to be able to analyze it”.

The struggle of the Italian Premier CONTE in Europe that does not exist …


Inequalities and disagreements continue within the European Union. In recent days there have been many summits among the heads of state, who have discussed the 2021-2027 budget with which the post-pandemic recovery fund, the famous recovery fund, is associated.
The Italian Premier Conte has repeatedly expressed his dissent towards the heads of state that put countries like Italy in check. It has been a long time since Italy has had such a prominent Premier, which imposes itself in Europe with authority, but also with demeanor and diplomacy. In particular, what recriminates Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is that countries like Holland (Denmark, Belgium, etc ..) that have few inhabitants, manage to impose decision-making power disproportionate to their size. This obviously undermines the whole balance of the European union. In fact, the Nordic (and Scandinavian) countries have always been long-lived in the state budgets and the state saving fund is obviously different from state to state …
It is increasingly a Europe that does not exist.
I think this premier is the last hope to fix policies within the continent, which has never existed for integrity and community policies …