Cutting off the power that connects the masses who are seeking peace and Liberty!

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

Destroying the energy and the means by which the masses and populations can assert their rights and freedoms is the most dictatorial act that can be created, especially if the population is unconscious and dozed off in a state of addiction.
Quite singular is the coincidence of the illustration by the Polish artist depicting the charging socket for smartphones, which coincidentally is not standard for all mobile phones, and which despite the fact that there is now talk of creating a standard socket for all smartphones, still not an agreement is found.

The myth of Chinese austerity (and devotion)

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

The pandemic has shocked the world and the origin of the virus is certain … but probably in the future there will never be certainty of the true causes of the spread of the virus. China is a powerful country even for the United States, and controlling or spying on political movements is a difficult task if the government has a firm dictatorship.

But what do they know about the Chinese?
Obviously in the collective imagination there is always the idea that Chinese are the largest rice producing and consuming country .. But there are other things:
have you ever seen a chinese funeral?
It is strange to think about this … many say that the Chinese sleep personally in boxes.
In any case, this image is eloquent. It can have many meanings but the most obvious one is that the Western world is so used to the glitz that it wastes grains of rice. A different thing for the Chinese instead …

The manipulation of information..

illustration of pawel kuczysnki

This drawing, compared to the others by Pawel Kuczysnki, is very and disruptive. I will limit myself to commenting on it with a few lines because I do not want to contradict myself and therefore elaborate a reality for people according to my vision. Reality is manipulable and often one believes that one is happy only because it is inculcated …

Even a single tree can be valuable … for global warming

illustration of Pawel Kuc

On this day the summer heat is affecting a large part of the planet (obviously the northern hemisphere where there is summer) In Canada, which has always been one of the cold countries and which rarely has high temperatures in summer, there is a climate of 50 °. In the North American country, more than 200 people died in 4 days and the situation is delicate. This is just one of nature’s alarms: global warming is on and when it becomes evident it may be too late to repair the damage. Take care of nature and plant trees and plants so that greenery prevails even in the most isolated corner

Social Media Makeup (Trick)

2019 DRAWING of Pawel Kuczynski

Today everyone has a smartphone and therefore they use social media.

Today a phone without APP is useless. I know friends who have a smartphone but use it for very few essential apps: email, maps, whatsapp! Obviously these are rare cases: the most people cannot do without social networks, which become a real stage with which to show themselves, sometimes even pretending and impersonating a life that does not compose with theirs.

It’s the social game. It is perhaps the game of the web in general. But perhaps some social networks are more predisposed than others.
Facebook is the one that gives the possibility to show itself with its own detailed and specific profile: images, videos, posts, preferences, likes, etc …

The smartphone thus becomes a true and primary accessory, a cosmetic with which we often make up our lives.

Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of these social networks, that doing without them is like being out of the world. But sometimes the social fatigue surfaces and can lead to a real addiction.

Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of these social networks, that doing without them is like being out of the world.

But sometimes the social fatigue surfaces and can lead to a real addiction. A mask that often leaves traces and affects our lives as well as making us lose more time than we imagine.

La precisione in una goccia d’acqua…

la precisione in una goccia d'acqua
Disegno di Pawel Kuczynski

Oggi il clima sta trasformando il mondo e una goccia d’acqua assume un ruolo prezioso, perché la chirurgia e la precisione con le quali operiamo e agiamo sono di vitale importanza per il futuro del pianeta.

La goccia d’acqua è il simbolo della perfezione, dell’efficienza e dell’assenza di spreco delle risorse. E’ la forza con la quale agiamo senza rimpianti e senza errori in un mondo dove tutto sta mutando nella distruzione della mano dell’uomo.

– – –

Comunque eccovi alcuni dati sul cambiamento climatico:

Infatti dall’inizio della rivoluzione industriale, la concentrazione atmosferica dell’anidride carbonica è aumentata del 40% a causa del massiccio uso di combustibili fossili delle attività umane, la concentrazione del gas metano è cresciuta del 150% e la concentrazione del protossido di azoto è cresciuta del 20%.

I cambiamenti climatici in corso sono talmente veloci che mettono a rischio la capacità di adattamento degli esseri viventi

Il nuovo record raggiunto nel 2014 è stato di +1.45°C rispetto al trentennio 1971-2000 (fonte: ISAC-CNR)

E’ veramente incredibile pensare che alcuni potenti della terra come il Presidente USA Trump non faccia niente per i cambiamenti climatici. L’emblema di questa presa di posizione è l’uscita degli USA dagli accordi di Paridi (195 nazioni) del 2015.
Donald Trump è contro gli scienziati. Il Presidente degli Usa infatti in un’intervista al Washington Post ha dichiarato di non credere “ai cambiamenti climatici provocati dall’uomo”. Il commento arriva dopo un rapporto sull’inquinamento e le sue ripercussioni economiche stilato dagli scienziati di 13 agenzie federali statunitensi su commissione del Congresso