Locarno (Ticino) – PHOTO September’22 [2]

I’ve been to Locarno before. I came back this summer … When I arrived I noticed an incredible thing: there was not even one person out of thousands of people in the city who wore the mask …
The city always leaves something special inside the soul … It is a city on a human scale overlooking a lake shared with Italy. The border to the Italian territory is not far away .. despite this it does not seem like a city in Italy or Switzerland. Sometimes there are indescribable impressions – this is one of them …

Verbano (Piemonte) – PHOTO September’22 [1]

I’ve been coming to Lake Maggiore a few times already … it’s a magical place. A lake surrounded by the mountains of the alps full of trees. The lake is cut by the borders with Switzerland and the Italian part is in turn divided into two regions (Piedmont and Lombardy).

Although less prestigious than the lakes of Garda and Como, Lake Maggiore is of fundamental importance for a large part of the nation because two of the major tributaries (Ticino and Toce) of the largest river in Italy depart from it: the po!

Obviously the area is super crowded with tourists but I was able to catch a few moments in the early morning, before dawn.

Crested Caracaras — Nomadic Juveniles — Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any image in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. Today I’m posting about my favorite bird species — the Crested Caracara. More specifically, I’m posting about young Caracaras, juveniles that are almost certainly less than a year old. Caracaras are native to Mexico, Central, and South […]

Crested Caracaras — Nomadic Juveniles — Sonoran Images

Readers’ wildlife photos — Why Evolution Is True

We have two contributions today: plants and ducks. Let’s take the ducks first. All readers’ captions are indented, and can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. The first trio comes from evolutionist and ornithology expert Bruce Lyon of UC Santa Cruz, who’s just returned from Argentina and has great photo to come. These, however,…

Readers’ wildlife photos — Why Evolution Is True

Giornata nazionale del gatto — Il Mondo di Dora Millaci

Oggi, 17 febbraio Giornata nazionale del gatto.Nata nel 1990 intende elogiare questo felino incredibile, grazie alla giornalista gattofila Claudia Angeletti. Un giorno propose un referendum tra i lettori della rivista “Tuttogatto” per stabilire il giorno da dedicare a questi animali. La proposta vincitrice fu quella della signora Oriella Del Col, secondo cui il giorno adatto […]

Giornata nazionale del gatto — Il Mondo di Dora Millaci

The ‘cover photos’ are coming to WhatsApp

There are several features coming to WhatsApp, and among them the development team is working on the cover photos. The “cover photos”, so we could translate them into Italian, will be used to enrich the profile of WhatsApp Business accounts in order to be more recognizable. Together with the “collections”, that is the new method for managing the Catalog, the novelty is designed to put users in contact with companies more and more so that the latter can offer a better support service via chat.

The team behind the messaging app is working to make it possible to configure a cover photo in WhatsApp Business company profiles, a feature that currently seems not to be provided for standard accounts. At the moment it is only present on some selected accounts of users who have decided to participate in the beta program, so not all participants can try it today on their devices. When enabled on your Business profile, the cover photo will be displayed behind the profile photo, and the ability to edit it.

The manager of the WhatsApp Business account can modify the cover photo, through a key represented by a stylized camera: the admin can select an already present photo or take a new one with the camera of the device in use. Once chosen, it will appear on the profile page of the account, along with the traditional profile photo that can also be entered today. The cover photo will be visible to all users who visit the WhatsApp Business account profile, both on iPhone and on any Android device.

As usual, the novelty has been spotted by the prolific WABetaInfo, which, however, does not have information regarding the timing of the release of the novelty. The cover photo is currently under development, and the company has not yet released official information on the matter. Like every feature under test (for example the Reactions on WhatsApp we talked about recently), developers could decide to delete it, without ever presenting it on the stable client for end users.

Billy Visits Scotland – St. Andrews Cathedral — Images by T.Dashfield Photography

This chapter in Billy’s travel journal was one that I enjoyed but he did not like it much. He enjoyed the view walking towards St. Andrews but once we entered, he was disappointed that it wasn’t another castle where he could play king. When I explained to him what all the stones where that were […]

Billy Visits Scotland – St. Andrews Cathedral — Images by T.Dashfield Photography

52 Frames, Week 5: Depth Of Field — Ritva Sillanmäki Photography

It has snowed a lot lately, today there was a moment of sunshine and went out with an intention to capture  Depth Of Field – a super important concept in photography that often separates those photos that look “amateur” from those that look “professional” or as I like to call it, “profesh”. I also took some […]

52 Frames, Week 5: Depth Of Field — Ritva Sillanmäki Photography