After 22 seasons and 7 Superbowl Tom Brady has announced his retirement.

After days of back and forth, leaks and denials, Tom Brady announced his retirement in a long Instagram post. The American football legend, winner of seven Super Bowls (six with the Patriots and one with the Buccaneers), has decided that at 44 it is time to leave the field to “focus his energies” on something else. The news had been anticipated Saturday by Espn and Boston Globe but had been denied by Brady’s father and his agent Don Yee. Until a few hours before the official announcement, the superstar of the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay said he was still in a “phase of reflection” on his future. A difficult decision to make and communicate, as he himself explained to his millions of fans thanking them for having accompanied him along this journey. Brady’s has been an extraordinary career, with impressive numbers: 22 seasons played, seven Super Bowls won and a series of touchdown records and passes ringed year after year. “On paper he was remarkable, he became a legend on the pitch,” headlines the Washington Post in one of the many articles in American newspapers celebrating the epic of ‘Tom the Terrific’ or ‘Tb12’, from the number of his jersey. And to think that in his first team, the New England Patriots had come as a reserve reserve. Recovered as 199th, started from the bench and remained for almost twenty years becoming the most loved ever. Then in 2020 the arrival in Florida, the start of a new season of records and the victory of his seventh Super Bowl.