Sabaudia (Latina) [1] – PHOTO October

Sabaudia is a small town located on the coast of the province of Latina, south of Rome. Nearby there are also lakes that make it very humid, but on the other hand they are quite uncontaminated. I visited it on a sunny day in early October, when the cold is still not coming.

The foundations far from the sand


Have you ever been on a beach with crystal clear sea? I have had the opportunity to see many beaches, some with crystal clear waters, although I have never seen low seabeds.

Everyone knows that it is appropriate to build the foundation of own home or other buildings on the rock. Instead the sand is represented by the most unstable ground and therefore also by the ground of perdition.

Despite this, the sand has an unparalleled charm, but it can also represent a threat when the sea is stormy. Thus the beach oscillates between a paradisiacal and a stormy condition, like the sea was in the balance of nature.

The sea shines the color of the sky. When it is gray, the sea also darkens.

The sea is a divine reflection.