Boston eliminates the NY Yankees, Today Los Angeles-St. Louis

<> at Fenway Park on October 6, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The American League wild card play-off exalts the Red Sox (6-2) who find Tampa in the Division Series

The postseason of the New York Yankees ends immediately, the most titled team (with 27 titles, but has not won the World Series since 2009). In Boston, the Bronx Bombers lose 6-2 in the American League wild card play-off: an elimination at Fenway Park (38,324 spectators) that burns twice as much for the New Yorkers of manager Aaron Boone. Gerrit Cole suffers the home runs of Xander Bogaerts and Kyle Schwarber, while the home runs of Anthony Rizzo against Eovaldi, and Giancarlo Stanton in 9th are not enough for the comeback in New York, as well as the contribution of Aaron Judge (3/4) from box.

So the Red Sox are advancing, having closed the regular season together with the great rivals of the Yankees (92 wins and 70 defeats) in the East Division of the American League won by Tampa (100-62). In the Division Series the best of 5 will challenge Boston from tomorrow. The Chicago WS (93-69) who find Tony La Russa instead face the Houston Astros (95-67) of Gurriel, king of the batting average, for the other divisional match. In the National League the champions of Los Angeles (106-56) tonight (2 hours Sky Action) at home find the St. Louis Cardinals (90-72) for the wild card: the winner will challenge San Francisco (107-55) for the Division Series. The other Division Series match will be between Atlanta (88-73) and Milwaukee (95-67), who never won the title with Tampa.

FANTASY ISLAND: remake of a cult series

The producer is Blumhouse Productions, which in recent years has given theaters a vast assortment of horror titles, some of which are valuable as “Insidious” and “Get out”, others in “splatter with panache” style for teenagers. Well, of such a large assortment of titles “Fantasy Island” is probably the worst.

The story sees five lucky prize contest winners land on a lush island. Waiting for them is the manager of a luxury resort, Mr. Roarke (Michael Peña), whose task will be to create a fantasy for each guest.

“Fantasy Island” takes a dated but successful idea and tries to adapt it to meet the tastes of the new generations. The intriguing premises and the suggestive location, however, do not find the right ingredients that make up the whole so it is a missed opportunity. Unnecessarily convoluted and full of illogical narrative overturns, “Fantasy Island” leaves us exhausted: the word “fantasy” is repeated by all the characters in a ridiculously obsessive way, it is not known why every now and then a man appears who is prowling in the jungle (Michael Rooker ), the characters are all annoying or whining and the ending is nothing short of messy, full of course changes