Chrome, emergency patch released: update your browser now!

Google’s emergency release with Chrome 95.0.4638.69, for Windows, Mac and Linux. The purpose is to protect users from two 0-day saves already exploited. The columns are marked CVE-2021-38000 and CVE-2021-38003, and have already been spotted within exploits used by malicious actors. The advice is to immediately update your browser.

The update has already been released in the Stable Desktop channel and is automatically downloaded and installed on all installations. From the Chrome menu, you need to go to the About Chrome page and the download is done automatically. Finally, by pressing the Restart button, the software will be updated to the latest version available.
Chrome, uncovered and two exploited sockets

At the moment, no information has been disclosed on the techniques used by the malicious actors in the exploits, with Google that could wait some time for all browsers to be updated and are permanently safe from the two new flaws. From the beginning they were discovered together of 2021 0-day exploited on Chrome.

Monday Thoughts: stable supports


What is faith? We believe in faith by thinking we believe. And we think that our faith is the fruit of our beliefs or our moralities and ideas. But in reality we have faith only in the things that keep us firm ground. Because in every moment we never feel safe except with our convictions to which we cling. We call this faith because we cover it with our unconsciousness to overcome the darkest and most bare moments …