25th June (’22): Statehood Day [Slovenia]

Statehood Day (Slovene: Dan državnosti) is a holiday that occurs on every 25 June in Slovenia to commemorate the country’s declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Although the formal declaration of independence did not come until 26 June 1991, Statehood Day is considered to be 25 June since that was the date on which the initial acts regarding independence were passed and Slovenia became independent. Slovenia’s declaration jumpstarted the Ten-Day War with Yugoslavia, which it eventually won.

Statehood Day is not to be confused with Slovenia’s Independence and Unity Day, which is celebrated each year on 26 December in honour of 26 December 1990 official proclamation of the results of the plebiscite held three days earlier in which 88.5% of all Slovenian voters were in favor of Slovenia becoming a sovereign nation.

30th May (’22): Statehood Day [Croatia]

Statehood Day (Croatian: Dan državnosti, pronounced [dan dr̩ʒaʋnosti]) is a public holiday and national day that occurs every year on 30 May in Croatia to celebrate the constitution of the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament in 1990. As a national day and public holiday, it is a non-working day for all government employees and majority of labour force based in Croatia.

While there are no strict or established forms of celebration associated with the holiday, it is usually celebrated outdoors. The day is usually marked by family reunions, picnics, barbecues and by parades on quinquennial or decennial anniversaries.

On 30 May 1990, the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament convened, following the 1990 Croatian parliamentary election. This date was from 1990 to 2002 marked as the Statehood Day. The Government of Ivica Račan moved the Statehood Day to 25 June in 2002, and 30 May was marked as a memorial day (working) under the name Day of the Croatian Parliament. On 25 June, after the independence referendum held on 19 May 1991, Croatia proclaimed its independence, but due to the negotiation of the Brioni Agreement, a three-month moratorium was placed on the implementation of the decision and the Parliament cut all remaining ties with Yugoslavia on 8 October 1991. 8 October was a holiday, Independence Day from 2002 to 2019, when it was declared a memorial day (working).

Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia at the same time, and its Statehood Day coincided with the Croatian Statehood Day, on 25 June.[citation needed]

On 14 November 2019, the Croatian Parliament adopted a new law on holidays, and moved Statehood Day back to 30 May. Previous date, 25 June, became a working memorial day under the name Independence Day.[citation needed]