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Virgin Galactic’s historic space launch

The company of billionaire Richard Branson opens the era of tourism in space a few days before that of Jeff Bezos, who did not take it well

On Sunday afternoon Italian time, the flight of the Virgin Galactic space plane is scheduled to begin, the space company of the British billionaire Richard Branson who will be aboard the aircraft for the first time. The flight of the VSS Unity – this is the name of the space plane – with Branson on board will exceed 80 kilometers of altitude, a threshold beyond which, according to some internationals, space begins and anticipates a similar flight of the Blue Origin space company by a few days. , scheduled for July 20, which will host billionaire and founder Jeff Bezos.

Branson, in short, will go to space before Bezos, and even if that of Virgin Galactic is still official for an experimental flight, with a group composed exclusively of company employees, for many it will be a fundamental moment in the field of space travel for private citizens.

The goal of both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin is to shortly begin inaugurating suborbital flights for private and wealthy passengers who intend to pay large sums per course for a few minutes for weightlessness during a space travel. The two companies, both led by famous and exuberant billionaires, however, responded two very different ways to get into space.

The flight of the VSS Unity spacecraft will depart from Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport America, located in New Mexico, United States. It will also be a remarkable event from a media point of view: it will be streamed and presented by Stephen Colbert, the famous American comic and television presenter. Singer Khalid is expected to give a performance, and billionaire Elon Musk, founder of the space company SpaceX, has hinted that he may be present.

Goodbye November [2019]

illustration of Schulz [Peanuts]
November is over, and it’s about to begin December. What is the saddest month of the year? Probably for many it is November. Instead December and January are months of holidays and February is a month of preparation for the spring of 21st March.

In November the leaves of the trees are red, the cold becomes more intense and people stuff themselves with coats. In our mind, the idea that the current year is coming to an end comes into our mind.

In the United States in November there is a Thanksgiving Day, which is considered a very important party. Instead in the other western countries there is the party of November 1 (all saints days) which however is considered a sad recurrence because it is used as commemoration of the dead, that happens just the following day.

Although November is for many the excellence month of autumn, many consider it as a month of reconciliation with the nature. The Danish Philosopher Kierekegaard wrote:

“In autumn everything reminds us of twilight, – and yet, it seems to me the most beautiful season: he wanted the sky then, when I will live my twilight, that there must be someone who then loves me as I loved the autumn.”


Sunday Thoughts




The day of rest

Summer is behind us now.

Today is the last day of summer and tomorrow officially enters the autumn with the equinox.

Lying on the sofa or in the armchair, walking around the city, the mind seeks relief from the thought of starting the week again.

The day we would like had no time and stopped in the afternoon when we are in front of the TV. Think back to Saturday, the day that has the most perspective, thanks especially to Sunday.

I try to live thinking it’s always Saturday or Sunday. The day of rest is often sad, thinking that each time the week begins with the working deadlines. Then I change the agenda: the dates remain the same but I change the days … no more Monday, Tuesday …


On Sunday The Silverstone Grand Prix (UK): Leclerc is confident in fighting


On Sunday 14th July there will be the Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone.
After the last race in which there was the good performance of Ferrari, despite the final mockery of having arrived second behind Verstappen, Leclerc is confident in fighting for victory.

Despite everything however, there are still many doubts about the management of the organization of Fomula 1 because in the last two Gran Prix, decisions to penalize vettel, and then to pardon Verstappen to the detriment of Leclerc see Ferrari as a submissive not only of the sporting power of mercedes, but also of the political one of F1.

The F1 in recent years is experiencing among other things a decline in entertainment because there is no more competition for the overwhelming power of Hamilton and it is hoped that the organization will change some rules as it changed when there was the overwhelming power of Ferrari 15 Years ago.