Sweden: Here is the electric bus that recharges from the street with the wireless charging system under the road surface

ElectReon (TASE: ELWS.TA), a leader in the development of on-road wireless charging technology for electric vehicles – commercial, public transport and passenger, today announced the launch of the first fully operational bus using the Dell’s wireless charging infrastructure. company in the city of Visby on the island of Gotland, Sweden.

After a long test phase with some trucks, which were able to absorb up to 70 kW at a speed of 80 km / h, with 90% efficiency, a public transport bus took service, also in Gotland, in the city of Visby. The bus works the same way, and runs on an electrified test road, covering the line that has been called “Smartroad Gotland”.

The vehicle therefore does not need to be recharged at columns or pantograph connections from the top, but takes all the necessary energy from the road, through various receptors located in the part below the floor.

The architects of the technology are the engineers of ElectReon, a company based in Israel, which deals with both the drowning of the charging system in the street and the systems on board vehicles. It is not the only successful project for ElectReon, which already has collaborations in Italy, France, Belgium and Germany, as well as Tel Aviv.

Once the tests with the bus have also been validated, it should move to the large-scale construction, according to the original project, which foresees over 2,000 km of electrified roads in Sweden by 2030, to achieve zero emissions by 2045.

Bitcoins arrive in Walmart stores! From today it will be possible to exchange crypto directly in ATMs

Bloomberg broke the news that Walmart offers the ability to buy Bitcoin in-store. A further impetus to the most well-known cryptocurrency in a moment of important growth in value, a few hours from the all-time high. That said, buying Bitcoin at ATMs is certainly not the cheapest, in fact, as Cointelegraph reports: “Bitcoin ATMs have an 11% surcharge, consisting of a 4% commission choice for the Bitcoin option, plus an additional commission. 7% for cash exchange “. Walmart, in collaboration with CoinMe, has launched a pilot project that will allow you to buy Bitcoin in Coinstar ATM situations within the American giant’s stores. Currently, 200 ATMs have been enabled to acquire BTC, but Walmart expects to reach 8,000 in the future.

Facebook will change the name of its company

According to the well-known tech site The Verge, Facebook may announce next week that it will change the name of its parent company. The change should only concern the company nomenclature, not the products. Currently, both the famous social network and the company that controls it, and which also controls Instagram, WhatsApp and other services, are called “Facebook”: it would be the latter to change its name, while the social network will continue to be called Facebook.

The next name change, which Mark Zuckerberg could unveil during “Connect”, the annual conference scheduled for October 28th, seems to have a very specific and ambitious purpose. It’s time for Facebook to be known for more than social media (and all the evils that that entails). There is no doubt that with the rebrand, the blue Facebook app would become one of the company’s products such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus and others. And Zuckerberg would thus try to free the entire company from the social network which in the last period is a very random mix of joys and sorrows.

Trump launches his social network: it will be called TRUTH and will challenge Big Tech

Former US President Donald Trump unveiled the new social platform that was announced several months ago as an alternative to the social networks from which he was removed for his involvement in the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Congress. calls TRUTH Social (“truth” means “truth”), it will arrive next year and will replace the blog with which Trump had briefly returned to be heard online. In a statement released Wednesday, Trump said he created TRUTH Social “to oppose the tyranny of Big Tech companies” and “to fight them,” arguing that the goal of the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) – the company that has developed – both “to give a voice to everyone”. “We live in a world where the Taliban have a large presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American president has been silenced. This is unacceptable ».

After January 6, all the major social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, had suspended or blocked Trump’s profiles, accusing him of inciting their supporters to carry out the assault on Congress, where the certification was being certified. election victory of President Joe Biden. Trump had never acknowledged the defeat and according to the companies that manage the main social networks had violated the guidelines of the platforms, which prohibit sharing content that promotes violence and fake news.

Trump had also been subjected to an impeachment trial accused of fomenting the attack on Congress: then he was acquitted, thanks to the votes of the Republicans.

The first tests on TRUTH Social will be carried out in November and the platform will be ready by the first months of 2022; later it should also offer news, podcasts, entertainment programs and a subscription service for video on demand. The resources for its realization come from the merger between TMTG and another company, the Digital World Acquisition Corp, which in recent months has raised 294 million dollars from various investors (it is not said, however, that all investors will remain in the deal. , and Digital World’s equity may shrink).