hanging out the dirty laundry…

There are various sayings and idioms in various languages ​​and cultures about drying laundry …
In Italian in particular, the saying is a little different: it is said “wash the clothes in the family” …
In any case, the sense of the drawing of the brilliant Pawel Kuczysnki is to hang out the dirty clothes …
The network is a large community and social networks have various ways of setting the circle of people on which to share their content. In any case, sharing is often like hanging out dirty clothes, especially when social media becomes a trivial means with which to communicate, because it becomes all superficial and devoid of any knowledge.

Goodbye January

January is about to end: the first month of the year 2022 is going away.

Compared to the past few months, we still do not see the light for many things: there is no vaccine that lasts at least 8-10 months …
Furthermore, the winds of war are strongly felt. Russia is invading Ukraine’s eastern borders. America quickly responded by sending troops to Europe. For the time being it is not a planetary level conflict but it can certainly harm international diplomacy for future events …

February is about to come, a month which for the first half is identical to January and which for the second half is the same as March.

The terrible human dump of dictatorships

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

One of the most atrocious drawings by Pawel Kuczysnki. I hope it does not correspond to reality because it would be really sad and disheartening … even if over time I have admired the reality of the Polish artist’s drawings…
I read that this could probably happen in some communist dictatorships of South America, where they even arrest citizens who try to steal garbage ..

The hide and seek of winter


Where is the climate change?
In the extreme events that occur?

Today, November 7th seems to be a mild day in early autumn …
An abnormal heat …

Is the winter playing hide and seek? Or is it climate change?
Although I live in Abruzzo, on the Adriatic coast, where the climate is rarely harsh, I don’t remember such a heat.

Today I walked on the beach, where the sea was mysteriously calm …
The Adriatic coast – for the uninitiated – is less hot than the Tyrrhenian coast, where the current of the gulf arrives,
that has always warmed the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the mountains of Abruzzo do not allow the passage of hot air
west, often exposing the coasts to perturbations coming from the east.

But now winter, regardless of its game of hide and seek, does not seem to influence climate decisions …

Cutting off the power that connects the masses who are seeking peace and Liberty!

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

Destroying the energy and the means by which the masses and populations can assert their rights and freedoms is the most dictatorial act that can be created, especially if the population is unconscious and dozed off in a state of addiction.
Quite singular is the coincidence of the illustration by the Polish artist depicting the charging socket for smartphones, which coincidentally is not standard for all mobile phones, and which despite the fact that there is now talk of creating a standard socket for all smartphones, still not an agreement is found.

October has arrived

October has arrived.
But what is special about this month?
Until the 1970s (in Italy) the month of October was the beginning of the school and coincided with the 1st of October, the feast of San Remigio. Today everything is different and I also went to school when September was the month of the restart.
There is no longer the heat of summer. Perhaps there is also the desire for new life, despite the trees beginning to lose their leaves. After all, the fall of the leaves can mean a change of skin, even if the winter has to be overcome.
Many begin to think of melancholy, but instead it is only nostalgia, perhaps nostalgia for the past summer. But Nostlagia and Melancholy are different things. Nostalgia should make you want to experience past moments again.
The philosopher Kierkegaard said with an aphorism: “This is why I much prefer autumn to spring, because in autumn you look at the sky. In spring, the earth.”

The world sometimes runs too fast

Sometimes the world turns too fast and the frenzy of being close to everything around us leads us to be succubus of the world. As Saint Augustine said, one must go back inside oneself, to find oneself.
In fact it is within oneself that both the world and oneself are found and perhaps time and the world will be scanned according to one’s inner time and not from the external one . Of course there are deadlines and essential times in life, but every day you have to find a piece of the day to find yourself, to alienate yourself from the increasingly globalized and frenetic world.

The ruts of war

Illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

The furrows of war are dug by the plow, the means by which one sows to collect food … but they are defended by soldiers who are often forced to make war.

Sometimes, however, wars that only sow hatred or those that are waged for the pleasure of expanding their borders do not bear any fruit.

The boundaries of the world are often established in eras when communications did not allow for the current globalization.

But to make a war it often takes either the pinnacle of domination or absolute hunger. A country with moderate approval is not tempted to make war because it could fall into a much worse condition than it is