Sabaudia (Latina) [1] – PHOTO October

Sabaudia is a small town located on the coast of the province of Latina, south of Rome. Nearby there are also lakes that make it very humid, but on the other hand they are quite uncontaminated. I visited it on a sunny day in early October, when the cold is still not coming.

Nettuno (Rome) – PHOTO – October 2021

Neptune is the name of an ancient Roman divinity of the sea. Then it was used to name the planet of the solar system. Neptune is also a pretty Roman town in the southern part of the province. I visited it in October, in a climate that seemed vaguely autumnal, but rather late in the summer … The town’s beaches are wide, and many buildings overlook the sea. The city is almost attached to another famous city: Anzio. The beaches allowed me to take a lot of photos as well as videos … The port is large, not very large. The city is one of the most popular destinations after Ostia (the only real beach in the municipality of Rome).